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Vol. 7, Issue 1  (July 3/14)
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Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

Key employers: Don't be left out, help to shape Hamilton's future workforce!
In order to identify Hamilton's labour market priorities as we compile information for our 2014 Labour Market Plan, WPH staff are interviewing key employers from the top industries in Hamilton. The valuable information that we hear from employers will be shared at our community consultation later this year and will be used to inform our plan.
Add your voice to the mix!
We are holding 15 minute interviews with employers and/or human resources professionals in the following sectors:
Utilities; Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing; Professional, scientific and technical services; Business, building and other support services; Educational Services; Health Care and social assistance; Information, Culture and recreation; Accommodation and food services; Other Services; and Public administration.
Please note that we are looking for companies that have over 10 employees.
Please contact Cathy Bijons at 905-521-5777, or at outreach@workforceplanninghamilton.ca to set up your interview.
WPH welcomes Rosanne Li, Projects and Data Analysis Assistant

  Workforce Planning Hamilton is excited to welcome Rosanne Li to our team! Rosanne has recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Economic Policy from McMaster. She has worked for the provincial and federal governments and looks forward to contributing to the Hamilton workforce planning community. 
In the near future Rosanne will be gathering data to support our 2014 Labour Market Plan and will be working on the Apprenticeship Demand in Hamilton: Barriers to Training project. Welcome Rosanne!

Government of Canada will spend $14 million on new labour market surveys

In response to the need for local labour market information, two new Statistics Canada surveys will ask employers about their hiring needs to provide insight into where the jobs are and what employers are looking for. 


Read the article here. 

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