Help us Create a New Public Memorial for Officer Alexandra "Lexi" Brenneman Harris
Our goal is to have the funding secured by June 13, 2023, the two-year anniversary of Officer Harris's death. Thanks to our generous community, we've reached 75% of our goal as of today (Monday, June 5, 2023).

With less than 10 days to reach our goal of $16,000 for a new public memorial for Officer Harris (EOW June 13, 2021), we are asking our supporters to take the $84.44 challenge in honor of Lexi’s badge number, 8444. 

The new memorial will mirror the mourning badge memorials installed for Officer Tim Brenton (EOW October 31, 2009) and Detective Antonio Terry (EOW June 4, 1994) and will be custom made and engraved with her badge number: 8444.

Police badges are filled with meaning and are viewed by many as symbols of service and sacrifice. Donating $84.44 in honor of Officer Harris’s service and sacrifice is a wonderful way to let her family know that she will never be forgotten. 

We want nothing more than to contact her family on the two-year anniversary of her death to let them know that the project is fully funded and that we can move forward with finding the perfect location.

With your support we can make that happen! 

If you would like to support this project, please make a gift on our donation page. Thank you so much for your help.
Date sent: June 5, 2023