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IBI Biochar Academy has attracted applications from passionate professionals who want to further their knowledge about the potential of biochar and its capacity to improve local environments. These applicants represent communities in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Southeast Asia and have great potential to help us grow the biochar industry on a global scale.

However, most of the applicants have requested scholarships to attend the Academy. We need your help to ensure we can make this training as accessible as possible for these individuals who are committed to building resilience in communities facing the highest risks of climate change.


With the help of our leadership sponsors: Carbonfuture, Pyreg, and the WOKA Foundation we have successfully raised scholarships for six students and would like to raise funds for four more students.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for the IBI Biochar Academy. Your support will not only help us ensure diversity among Academy students and the communities they can impact but you will also have exclusive marketing opportunities to get visibility with IBI’s highly relevant and global audience.

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Don’t see what you are looking for or have other ideas to support the Academy? Let’s talk customization. Contact IBI’s Development Manager, Mehdeen Abbasi to get more information.

You can also make a contribution by clicking on the button below. Every donation counts and will help us get closer to providing scholarships to 10 Academy students!

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Please feel free to share this email with your network and help us spread the word.

Thank you for your consideration and for helping us build a global biochar workforce!

Warmest regards,

Wendy Lu McGill (she/her)

Executive Director

Overview of IBI Biochar Academy Curriculum

Academy students will learn about:

  • Current global biochar industry 
  • Carbon cycle and biochar 
  • Climate change and biochar: IPCC, mitigation, adaptation, NETs, CDR
  • Biochar production including technologies, co-products, feedstocks and more 
  • Biochar sampling, analysis, standards, certifications 
  • Agricultural Uses: Cost/benefit, climate resilience, water use efficiency, how to set up trials, application techniques, case studies, and more
  •  Non-Ag Uses: Building materials, urban tree planting, stormwater management, remediation, anaerobic digestion, and more
  • Carbon markets and biochar 
  • Economics of biochar production and use

Learn more about the Academy and explore the draft syllabus: International Biochar Initiative First Biochar Academy - biochar-international

IBI Biochar Academy Leadership Sponsors

Carbonfuture is the end-to-end solution for scaling carbon removal. 

Climate-serious buyers like Microsoft, SwissRe, Klarna, and South Pole trust us for a new class of premium carbon removal credits. Our long-term buyers understand: 3rd party certification + carbon tracking = market leading trust that is future-proofed for regulation. We work closely with trailblazing biochar partners like Pacific Biochar, Biochar Life and many others. Carbonfuture’s platform ensures the quality of high-value credits generated, while fostering an ecosystem of long-term, flexible, and growth-oriented partnerships. Together, we are positioned to lead our industry in reaching gigatonnes of real carbon removal. Join us!

PYREG GmbH is an industry leading German manufacturer of machines for carbonizing organic waste (biomass, sewage sludge, etc.) into CO2-binding biochar while generating renewable energy.  The NetZero Tech company and pioneer in the field of CO2 removal (CDR) was founded in 2009 as university spin-off and has already won numerous awards.

All PYREG's 50+ plants commissioned worldwide sequester a total of 30,000 tons of CO2 per year. In 2022, PYREG founded its US subsidiary in Portland (Maine) - establishing both sales and technical service support for this growing market segment.

IBI Biochar Academy Supporter

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