Join us in changing a nation.

Dear Family and Friends,
We have had many potential opportunities to go to South Sudan, but the door closed every time. South Sudan is currently in a civil war. We are devastated by what has happened to these precious people, however, we praise God that Sudan has come to us! As long as this door remains open, we plan to focus our time and resources to bring Bible Training to the West Nile region of Uganda where many of the Sudanese refugees are located. 

The BidiBidi Refugee Camp, in Yumbe District, is currently the WORLD'S LARGEST REFUGEE CAMP with approximately 300,000 refugees! Our team was able to visit the camp and meet with local pastors and leaders. We are partnering with the Baptist Convention of South Sudan to lay the ground work for a Bible Training school in this camp that will serve the thousands of pastors and leaders who need theological training there. These pastors even see God's hand in the placement of the refugee camp. Yumbe District is more than 90% Muslim. They truly believe God has them here in Uganda at this time to reach their Muslim neighbors. They have the zeal, but they lack training. We need your help!

The Bible Training Schools inside these camps will be different than any of the 140 other schools we have opened. Why, you ask? Well, these refugees have a great desire and a great need for training, but they have NO RESOURCES to assist us. We have already maxed out our first class at 70 students, with others assigned to a waiting list. Our plan is to teach the first two weeks of each month, beginning August 7th, 2017. There's an excitement within the camp and within our team, BUT many things need to happen fast for us to pull this off. 

    The Bidibidi Refugee Camp is divided into five zones, each zone is then divided into blocks and each block is basically a village. The camp is huge. We spent most of our time in Zone 1 which is divided into fourteen blocks. The church where we plan to meet is a "pole" structure covered with tarps. (Pictured below) We need to buy iron sheet roofing and benches to create a learning environment for the students. Because we are making a long term commitment inside the camp, we have been given the right to use some of the land to build a simple dormitory to house 50 students, a simple kitchen and pit latrine. We are asking you to come alongside us and assist us financially as we make this commitment to theologically equip the pastors and leaders of South Sudan. Together we get to be a part of changing a nation!


This investment will establish an ongoing Biblical Training School in Bidibidi for years to come.

Berea Baptist Church: (to create a classroom on church property) 

30 Iron roofing sheets @ $6.50 each
30 Wooden Benches @ $5.25 each
Total church needs


A simple outhouse style structure with two stalls for bucket bathing.


A sheltered structure for cooking outside with firewood and charcoal. 

Kitchen Supplies:

4 x-large Sauce Pans @ $17.00 each
100 metal forks at $.14 each
10 large Metal Serving Spoons @ $1.40 each
4 large Thermoses @ $5.65 each
10 small washing basins @ $1.15 each
10 large washing basins @ $1.40 each
Total Kitchen Supplies:


A 7m x 12 m square building with iron sheet roofing that will house 50 people.  $1950.00

Dormitory Supplies:

50 Mattresses @ $13.00 each $650.00


4 Wheel Drive Used All Terrain Vehicle $30,000.00

The roads to the camp are unpaved and among the worst in Uganda. It will require a stronger vehicle to handle the numerous journeys on these roads. Right now we do not have an adequate vehicle for these conditions. 

Total Needed: $34,986.60
Monthly Needs

Our plan is to run the schools the first two weeks of every month.  Here is a breakdown of the food budget that needs to be met MONTHLY!

Food Supplies:
(two week supply)
500 kg Sorgum Flour @ $0.35kg
200 kg Dry Beans @ $1.00 kg
50 Kg Rice @ $2.25 kg
100 kg Sugar @ $2.25 kg
80 kg Beef @ $2.60 kg
50 kg of Peanuts @ $1.00 kg
20 Liters of Cooking Oil @ $1.40 Liter
Tea Leaves
Miscellaneous (Vegetables, Salt, Spices, etc)

Travel Expenses: 
Transportation, food and lodging for teachers

Total Monthly Need

That is a lot of money BUT I want to break it down for you to see what it does: The Food budget of $1072.50 will feed 70 pastors and leaders for 12 days which comes out to:

$1.27 to feed a pastor 3 meals a day!  
As you can see there are lots of needs! Which means there are lots of opportunities for God to use you to help us change a nation with Bible Truth! Please earmark your gifts and donations as "West-Nile Refugees" and send to:

Macedonian Call
P.O. Box 573
Dryden, Va 24243

or Give Online at

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support, 

Your East African Outreach Missionaries

Terry and Debbie Nester
Brian, Jerilyn, Cadance, Noah and Aletheia White