July 2021
Dear NEHEP Partners,

Only 1 out of every 7 preschoolers gets an eye exam — and fewer than 2 out of every 7 gets some type of vision screening. That’s why we’re using this month’s edition of the Eye Health Connection newsletter to highlight the importance of kids’ eye health and safety.

As we look forward to Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month in August, we also want to thank all of our partners for their efforts to make Healthy Vision Month a success in May. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Lastly, we want to highlight our newest NEHEP Planning Group members:

  • Royce Chen, M.D.
  • Zelia Correa, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Eydie Miller-Ellis, M.D.
  • Susan Primo, O.D., M.P.H., FAAO

And congratulations to NEHEP’s new director, Devina Fan, M.P.H.! Please join us as we welcome her into her new role.

Maria Zacharias
Director of Communications
National Eye Institute
Help kids take charge of their eye health with NEI for Kids
As we get ready to celebrate Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month in August, we want to empower kids to learn about their eye health. Use our NEI for Kids resources to engage kids with fun activities, stimulating graphics, relatable tips, and short videos featuring eye health professionals.
Find out how the Vision Health Alliance aims to educate people about eye care
The Vision Health Alliance is a new initiative of the Better Vision Institute (the educational foundation of The Vision Council). The program will educate patients and consumers about the importance of eye care and eye exams. If your company is interested in joining the Vision Health Alliance as a founding partner, contact Jane Balek at jbalek@thevisioncouncil.org
See how a book is helping screen kids for color blindness 
Many kids with color blindness go undiagnosed for a long time — and this can have a big impact on their confidence and social experiences. That’s why the Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS (the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus) created “The Curious Eye” — a free, downloadable book that can help screen for color blindness in children.
Learn how COVID-19 has impacted students with visual impairments
The American Foundation for the Blind has released the second Access & Engagement report, which investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected students with visual impairments. The report is based on data from 662 family members, teachers of students with visual impairments, and orientation and mobility specialists.
Calendar of Events
Join us for a symposium about ocular microbiome research
On Monday, August 2 from 3 to 8 p.m. EST, NEI will host a virtual symposium on microbiome research — specifically as it relates to the ocular surface. The microbiome is the diverse population of microorganisms in or on different parts of the human body (including the surface of the eye) that help regulate our immune systems. The symposium will include 4 sessions with 3 to 4 presentations per session. Registration is free and attendees are welcome to participate in the panel discussions.
Other Events and Resources
July 22, 2021: The American Foundation for the Blind is hosting a panel discussion called Making Money Work: Including Disability in the Financial Equation.
August 24, 2021: IJCAHPO is hosting a children’s eye health and safety webinar.
September 13 to 16, 2021: The National Research & Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision is hosting the Independent Living Services Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center’s (IL OIB-TAC) third annual Technical Assistance Conference.
Coming soon: The Glaucoma Foundation announced their second Art Challenge to Celebrate Vision. For more information, email cfowkes@glaucomafoundation.org.
Resource: Glaucoma Research Foundation’s updated Understanding and Living with Glaucoma patient booklet explains how glaucoma is diagnosed and treated.
Resource: Hadley’s new workshop series on using Alexa devices (also called Amazon Echo) helps teens who are visually impaired. Check out their other workshop for iPhones/iPads and Android devices.
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