Volume 4| August, 2018

  • It is our pleasure to announce and celebrate our RECOVERY GRANT RECIPIENTS #9 (RHIANNON) and # 10 (MARK). Both of our recipients have already headed down to treatment. Both will be at the Austin facility for 90 days and then transition to sober living in the Austin community.

Watch for their stories coming soon!

  • Please note the new logo (above). Our gratitudes and congratulations to Darlene for her creative energies.

  • Our new T-shirts are now available! (Again, thank you Darlene!) Now you can enhance your end-of-summer wardrobe while you show the colors. The color, incidentally, will be purple with black lettering. Sizes are available. If you would like to order one (several?) please contact Darlene at endydarlene@gmail.com.
  • In the effort to support Darlene's work Rob Flower has taken over the monthly newsletter. He encourages people to submit their input ( comments, suggestions, news, et.al.,) to him at rjflower@twcny.rr.com.

  • September is National Recovery Month: It is important to honor of all the people who have done the work to get and stay sober (and, of course, all those who worked with them). It takes a lot of courage to face our faults and change the way we live.

  • September Opener: It is our hope to have an initial event in September to both celebrate National Recovery Month and to issue forth a robust calendar. Details of this event have not yet been hammered out but a committee has been formed to work on the project. If you are able to help out or have interesting ideas about how to enhance this project please email the chairperson of the committee for this event, Amy Patrick at allpatrick@gmail.com.

  • Wine, Cheese, and Art Sale:

(Information forthcoming)

(If you care to volunteer or help out in any way do, please, contact Darlene )

  • OCTOBER CONCERT: (See below.)
Loren Barrigar and The Cadleys in October!
Join us for a musical feast from these seasoned performers. Their music ranges from new acoustic to bluegrass and country. All proceeds go directly to pay for long-term treatment for someone from CNY.

Venue: May Memorial Unitarian Universalist church
Address: 3800 East Genesee Street, Syracuse
Date: October 13th
Time: 7:30-10:00

(The committee working on this concert is hopeful for volunteer support at the event.)
  • Addiction Video Resource

The Addiction Policy Forum has initiated a series of animated shorts that address various themes in addiction and addiction treatment. We would encourage folks to take a look and let us know what you think. To visit the website please click here.
  • Beth Macy’s Dopesick describes the opioid epidemic that is killing thousands every year. The book becomes available later in August. Check it out at:

Another solid turnout for our July 10th volunteer meeting! (and thanks to all who were able to attend). Just a quick word of recap for those who weren't able to attend. Darlene moved quickly to rehearse for the group the event-ideas proposed for the coming year. A brief overview/brain-storming discussion on each event took place. Volunteer committees were formed for each event. Subsequent to this meeting Darlene has sent out Google Docs on each event (for the fall semester) and an email list of all present volunteers. In addition, she has appointed chairpersons for each event committee. Committee Chairs have been asked to facilitate the work of their respective committees ASAP. Should anyone with interest in these documents or the affairs they address not be able to access them please do contact Darlene at endydarlene@gmail.com.

Please note below the particulars concerning our next Volunteer Meeting:

  • Date: August 15th
  • Time: 7-8:30 p.m.
  • Location: CNYCF, 431 E. Fayette Street, Suite 100
  • Syracuse (3rd floor conference room)

And, by the way, persons are encouraged to spread the word and invite others into the midst of our volunteer group! This is a clear case of "more's better"!
New GoFundMe campaign

Now it's even easier to donate to help save lives. Just click on the Go Fund Me words below. Be sure to share the link with all your friends and contacts! Our goal is to raise $25,000, enough to pay for 90 days of treatment, 90 days of sober living, and 90 days of sober coaching, plus airfare, prescriptions, etc. for one person. That's six months of care, after which recipients are working and self-supporting. We've raised $400 so far!!

Donate Your Bottles & Cans
No need to get your hands dirty! Here's an easy way to help us out. Just drop off your bags of deposit bottles/cans (with Road2RecoveryCNY written on the side) at F-M Returnables. It's at 202 West Seneca Street in Manlius. 315-682-4830

Every dollar helps us send people to lifesaving treatment!
Road2RecoveryCNY | 315-692-4391 | r2rcnyde@gmail.com| road2recoverycny.com