Hello Dear Supporters!

We are so excited to announce out partnership with Mpowerd  for the month of April, as the 1 year earthquake anniversary approaches on April 25.

Mpowerd has received a lot of rightly deserved press for their creation of these incredible portable, solar, water resistent, compact, renewalable clean energy source of LIGHT with the Luci Light.

For the month of April, ALL Luci lights purchased on their site here, for $9.95 will go directly into the hands of the children in our new schools.

These lights will allow them to do homework and chores without using dangerous sources like kerosene or candles.

Already 168 lights have been purchased. 
For $9.95 you can make a difference!


Construction Continues!

9 schools are in progress. 
2,178 number of kids will be attending these soon!

11 schools are in final stages of approval by the government. 
These should start building by next month.

Interested in funding an entire school and having your name plaque on 
a school..forever?

Average cost for outfitting an entire school with furniture, water, toilets, computers, technology, and training 

Average cost for an entire school construction 

See your money in action on a hilltop in Nepal when you or any of your friends visit. And see the smiling faces that are learning because of it.

The 1,000s of pieces of new furniture we are providing to replace and improve upon the desks, chairs tables and blackboards that were destroyed in the earth quake are essential to helping the kids get back to sense of continuity and safety.

Each desk that seats 3-5 kids is $90 for fabrication and delivery.  
Consider donating towards our furniture replacement initiative!
Furniture makers.
Village students.
Oja Moon Inc., launched March 2016, is our new 100% cashmere baby line, all handmade in Nepal at a women's center down the street from the NYCDS orphanage in Bhaktapur. 

***Each animal sale feeds 10 children for an entire day at the orphanage.***

Not only does each purchase at Oja Moon generate funds for the orphanage, but it helps to employ the women knitters who lack financial security. Many are struggling to send their children to school and many are widows, needing income to provide for their family. 

Currently we have 4 animals in our Oja Moon family (in various colors.)
BHALU the Bear, HATTI the Elephant, RAMRO the Rabbit, and CHAK CHAK the Monkey! Visit our website to learn what the names mean, check out the collection, and send a special piece to a special little one !

***Cashmere Baby Blankets coming soon!***

Meet SARALA DAWADI, Project Coordinator, NYCDS

Sarala has also taken on the new position, NYCDS coordinator with Kids of Kathmandu. NYCDS is our original project beginning in 2010, the orphanage in Bhaktapur. For those of you that are child sponsors, the introduction of Sarala to this position will open up communication methods between sponsors and children. We are very excited about this!

Sarala graduated with a Masters in Management from Tribuvan University in Kathamandu. She worked as an assistant accountant at Readers Saving and Co-operative Ltd for 2 years. She also has 2 years of teaching experience at Shree  Himalaya Higher Secondary School, Jhyawana, Gorkha & Gyanodaya Vidya Niketan Higher Secondary School, Banke.

As KoK continues to fund all education, food, and medical costs, as well as new projects such as hot water installation in March 2016, we remain committed to full involvement at the orphanage.

Thank you as always for your support. 


Jami Saunders + Andrew Raible
and the team at Kids of Kathmandu