November 4, 2021


Help us expand our Leaders Guild fee support program
and spread the transformative work of the dances!

Actually, although we seem to be in a world of song and dance,
we are most concerned with peace on earth.
Murshid Samuel Lewis

The Dances of Universal Peace continue to flourish and spread the vision of Murshid Samuel Lewis in more than 30 countries worldwide. DUP International connects and supports the dedicated dance leaders who share that vision, providing resources in multiple languages, to help them share the Dances and Walks, both in local communities, and globally through technical solutions that transcend geography.

The Fee Support Program administered by DUP International means that
all mentored leaders can be active in the Leaders Guild,
regardless of ability to pay.

Maybe we are becoming accustomed to the pandemic, but there are many other reasons why some of our leaders face difficult circumstances, and turn to us for help with fees - fees that collectively fund and sustain our shared life as dance leaders. Some are living in countries where peace is fragile, where dances have helped rebuilding communities after war; many are sharing the transformative power of the Dances while struggling to meet basic living expenses.
You can make a difference

Compared to last year we have seen a 12% increase in the total amount requested for fee support. Changes necessitated by the pandemic are not the only reason for this. Some leaders show their commitment by contributing in part, and you can match their payments.
As the dances spread again to new areas of the Middle East and Asia, our dance family is becoming more diverse, with more diverse needs.

Your donation could help someone in Argentina, California, Sri Lanka, Iran, South Africa, Russia, or other parts of our one family. We have many opportunities, in these places and closer to home, to show our support for those who will really appreciate it. 

Is this yours to do?

We are seeking to provide a fund of $3000, from a community of nearly 1,200 dance leaders. Your donation to the fee support program will make a real difference.
If this speaks to you, you may like to add $20 to your fee renewal, or send $36 to cover the full fees for one leader; even a modest contribution can help individuals in our community.
Click this link to make your donation now:
Contributions are federally tax-deductible in the USA.
Thank you very much!
With love,
Aziz Dixon, Executive Director
Dances of Universal Peace International