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If you've been following wolf news lately, you likely know that Idaho's bill to kill up to 90 percent of their wolves was fast-tracked through their Senate and House and is now awaiting their governor's signature. Governor Brad Little's office has already received thousands of calls and emails urging him to veto the bill, SB 1211, and is now only accepting calls from people in Idaho. But this will not give him the full reality check he needs. It's imperative that we all band together to do just that and time remains of the essence.  

We need to wake Idaho's tourism leaders up to the reality that their millions in tourism revenue is now in jeopardy unless Gov. Little vetoes SB 1211. Please contact them ASAP as detailed below.

What Should You Say?

You could tell them you were planning to visit Idaho--to dine, lodge, recreate, and enjoy scenic views and wildlife--but because of Idaho's horrifying plan to kill wolves via SB 1211 you will be staying away.  

Or you could say you are a concerned citizen who is appalled by the barbaric slaughter of our vital apex predators under false pretenses via SB 1211 and are encouraging friends and contacts to stay well away from the state or drive right through. 

Additional ideas and talking points are included below.

Please Contact These Key People at Idaho Commerce ASAP!

Tom Kealey, DIRECTOR 
(208) 334-2470
Note: Tom is a member of Governor Little’s cabinet, oversees all agency operations, and is the Chief Economic Development and Marketing Officer for the State of Idaho.

(208) 287-0785

(208) 287-0772

(208) 780-5152

You can also send Idaho Commerce an e-message via the form at the bottom of the page at


Please Continue to Urge Gov. Little to Veto SB 1211

We still encourage you to urge Governor Little to VETO SB 1211. But we suggest you email, not call, unless you live inside Idaho.

Phone: 208-334-2100

Take inspiration, if needed, from the message we emailed him or our talking points (see below). We encourage you to use your own words, as unique messages are by far most effective. Our message to him read:

Dear Governor Little,

On behalf of our members both in Idaho, and nationwide, we are asking you to veto SB 1211. Losses of cattle by wolves are well below 1%. Elk populations are some of the highest on record. The information supplied to the legislators on dwindling elk numbers, and ranchers being driven out of business is untrue. Trapping and snaring of wolves also puts the citizens of Idaho at high risk when they are recreating on public lands with their children and pets. Signing of this unscientific, cruel and unnecessary bill will undoubtedly trigger a relisting of wolves under the Endangered Species Act. Please take a moment to consider these facts. You have a real opportunity to show yourself as an independent leader. Please show that by vetoing SB 1211.

Sample Talking Points

  • Wolves cause less than 1% of cattle deaths. Most deaths are caused by weather, disease and poor husbandry.
  • Deer and elk populations are not declining due to wolves. In Idaho they've been thriving.
  • Killing wolves is inhumane and unscientific. It ignores the vital role wolves play in ecosystems and the importance of intact family units. It causes social disruption, which can lead to increased predation.
  • Wolves and other predators do not need to be "managed." Their populations are self-regulating for a myriad of evolutionary reasons.
  • The vast majority of Americans are not OK with bringing wolves back to the Northern Rockies only to kill them all over again.
  • Wolves bring in vital tourism dollars. Protecting wolves could be much more valuable to Idaho in the long run.

Thank you in advance for standing up for wolves at this critical juncture. There is hope, if enough of us demand better.

For all that is wild and free,

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
Predator Defense

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but that it is too low and we reach it."

- Michelangelo

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