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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 4, Issue 2  (April 9/15)
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What does WPH believe?

Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

More than a job: Exploring career pathways in Hamilton

A new WPH resource to share with job seekers!

curly-table-woman.jpg As Hamilton's economy becomes more diverse, the skills necessary to compete and succeed in today's labour market are changing. 

One way to successfully navigate our evolving job market is through career pathways, which is establishing a career goal and then identifying the education and training requirements needed to achieve this goal.

Employers: How to improve mental health in your small business

Regardless of the number of employees you have, the mental health of your workers matters. The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that the Canadian economy loses nearly $50 billion annually as a result of mental health-related issues. 

Many of those costs are borne by workplaces in the form of lost time, lowered productivity and higher turnover. Small businesses are not immune.
Making the immigrant connection

According to Sarah Wayland, strategies to bring skilled newcomers to Hamilton will bring multiple economic benefits.

Almost half of Hamilton's immigrants lived somewhere else in Canada before relocating here. Among immigrants living in Hamilton in 2011 who came to Canada after 1995, 47 per cent came as secondary migrants, after living elsewhere in Canada.

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