April 30, 2020

Dear friends and fellow disciples,

We’ve made it another week! You have made it. I am so proud of the ways you all are acting with courage and wisdom and grace in this very difficult time. But even if you haven’t felt yourself moving with grace, cut yourself some slack. You are loved. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those around you. That’s how we are going to make it through this. Together. I am grateful for you all and for the ways we continue to stay connected. Know I very much miss seeing you and pray you are safe.

Below you can find many opportunities to connect and to serve the broader community. We have neighbors to love! Read through it all, and I challenge you to find a way to connect and support the work of the church in this time. Being church matters so much.

One more thing we're doing is adding a blog from our staff. Regularly you’ll find reflections from our team on how they're thinking and living in all of this. A post on something I’ve just finished reading kicks it off: check it out.  

Stay safe, take care of each other, and be in touch.