More than 20 Survivors immersed themselves in holistic healing through relaxation and rejuvenation at the 2018 SARN Fall Retreat in late October. The free, day-long retreat was open to Survivors of sexual assault, abuse, harassment, trauma, or relationship violence.
The retreat theme, “Treat Yourself”, invited Survivors to indulge in pampering, placing themselves at the center of attention helping them to explore ways to nourish their mind, heart and soul. Sessions throughout the day focused on self-compassion, mindfulness, journaling and coping with triggers.
“Survivors of sexual assault deal with trauma in many different ways,” said Nora Flanagan, SARN Coordinator and retreat organizer. Providing a safe, supportive space for survivors to connect with others who understand their journey can inspire true transformation and growth.”
Below is some of the feedback received from Survivors who attended this year’s retreat:
  • "One of the top three weekends of my life"
  • "Always great and wonderful nothing more powerful than fellowship with women with common understanding and experience"
  • "All the activities were amazing - grounding skills, coping, how to love ME again!"
  • "This was awesome! Learned to rely on other senses to help cope"
  •  "Listening to others talk, even if they don't say much, you know they kind of know what you've been through, yet it felt like a happy and good day!"

The annual SARN retreat is one of many broad range of therapeutic SARN services and events to support survivors throughout Delaware, Morrow, Crawford and Wyandot counties. Available to all survivors – regardless of when the assault occurred SARN offers healing workshops, one-one-one crisis intervention and advocacy. Click here to learn more about SARN program and services.