Marvin the Marvel

Every so often we encounter a stark reminder that we live in a broken world; a world darkened by superstition and fear. We say to ourselves and others, education is the answer and I 100% agree. I just believe the language of love trumps all other messages and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best lesson plan!

Marvin Daniel Calel Sis was born in June of 2019 with a cleft lip and palate, then was promptly abandoned by his mother believing he was cursed. That is the dark side of superstition and fear…but nothing could overcome the love of his father or our Father.

Marvin’s father, Carlos Calel Marcario did not see him through the lens of fear, only love. 
Where others saw sin, a curse, he saw a child, his child. He had faith in his family to help him raise Marvin, most notably his sister, Marvin’s aunt Josefina. Carlos found hope in the ministry of Health Talents, and he saw love everywhere he turned from the moment Marvin was seen by Dr. Lisa Dunham, to the time he entered the spiritual oasis that is Clinica Ezell.

Surgeons, anesthesia providers, nurses, caregivers and translators surrounded Marvin, Carlos and Josefina with kind attention and care. Marvin was a Rockstar!