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March  2011

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Starting business during recession
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Genesis 2:18  The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

I believe that most women possess a sixth sense that God did not give to men. It's often called women's intuition, and it's the real deal. Men are usually very logical, while women tend to be more "feeling" orientated. For example, a male manager might look at a job candidate's r�sum�, job application, college GPA, and work history and be ready to hire him, based on the "facts." However, this male manager's female counterpart might evaluate the same candidate and intuitively pick up on personality quirks or subtle-but-destructive attitudes that don't show up on paper. This does not mean that women are innately better leaders than men or that their instincts are based on a special God-to-woman frequency to which men aren't attuned. In fact, a woman's emotions can also get her in trouble, and she frequently needs the left-brain logic of a man to help her see things clearly.


The point is that women and men need one another; they can complement one another. Neither the man nor the woman saw the whole picture clearly or completely. That's why men and women should work together, side by side in harmony, respecting one another as equals. 


From the book The Confident Woman: Devotions

 for Each Day of the Year by Joyce Meyer. Copyright � 2011 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved. 





There are some basic items that every woman should have.  Regardless of age, size or shape or color, these items are the foundation for HER wardrobe.

  • Little Black Dress:
  • White button - down shirt:
  • Black Blazer:
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  • Pair of Blue Jeans:.
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  • Cashmere Sweater:
  • 7 good fitting bras: 2 black, 2 nude, 1 convertible, 1 pretty color and 1 sexy one.
  • Good Tees or Tanks:


Some of our favorite fruits and veggies and their health benefits.















Bell Peppers


Summer Squash







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Welcome to another edition of our newsletter.!


Formed in 2006, HER is an organization formed by women who have, against all odds, overcome obstacles (i.e. depression, substance abuse,) and/or  life altering events (i.e. childhood abuse/molestation, domestic abuse, divorce, loss of loved ones, chronic illness).


These women wanted very much to be Healed Empowered and Restored.  They found that by listening, praying for, and encouraging one another, the bond of sisterhood, was like a balm for healing.  Before they realized it, they had been transformed.  They had become HER...Healed Empowered and Restored.


This newsletter is designed to provide our readers and members with Helpful Educational Resources in the areas of Business, Fashion, Finance and Health.





HER...Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Feed your hair from within

by Aginah Carter-Shabazz


"Your health is your most prized possession"... so is your hair health, it is a living part of your body just like your skin, teeth and nails...

Your hair is fed by your blood stream.  The health of your hair and scalp depends to a great degree on the quality of your blood just as your general health depends on the quality of your blood.  The quality of your blood, which feeds your hair, depends on nutrition.  If your diet does not contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids, then your blood will be deficient in all important nutrients and cannot supply them to your hair.  
If your hair is falling out or your experiencing baldness, you would be wise to get immediate attention.  Usually, hair loss caused by severe conditions is sometimes temporary, and when the condition is cleared up, the hair will resume it's normal growth.
However, the greatest majority of all hair loss in men are so called male-pattern baldness and in women "female pattern".  In these instances, baldness is caused, as Dr, Mikus would say, by impaired blood circulation to the hair follicles, prolonged mental stress, affected by the influence of male hormone on the galea {causes it to thicken} or by impaired blood circulation caused by nutrition,  or may be  affected by the constriction of the blood vessels{cause by smoking} in the scalp, also emotional stress.
Finger Massage:
Place both hands firmly on your head and without moving the fingers or palms, push the whole scalp in circular movements for a few seconds... then place the fingers or palms in a new position repeat until you cover the whole scalp including the forehead, temples and neck...
Use a fine brush of fine quality, natural bristle, brush hair for 3-5 minutes morning and evening.  Alternate up and down strokes.  Regular brushing improves the quality of your hair and helps to prevent baldness.  Brushing deep-massages the scalp and cleanse the surface of dirt, dead skin and stale oils.  It also helps the sebaceous glands to release their secretions and stimulate their normal activity.  And don't be afraid to brush thinking you will pull out too many hairs.  If the hair is loosely attached in its cuticle that will come off in brushing- then it would be of no benefit to keep it there.  The sooner it comes out the better...The emptied hair follicle stimulated by vigorous brushing and the flow of new blood, will soon start growing new hair.
I do not advise using detergent shampoos or hot water.  For your last rinse mix a 1 oz of  Bragg's apple cider vinegar to 5 oz a of warm water as your final rinse.  Or use Aginah's Herbal Hair Products.  

Starting a business in a down economy

by Anita T. Conner

High unemployment, beleaguered stock values, corporate and personal bankruptcy - these headlines have become all too familiar. But the same factors that signal a recession can actually highlight a great opportunity for folks hoping to start small businesses.

For one thing, fewer businesses in the marketplace can mean fewer potential competitors. For a start-up company, that can be good news. It's difficult to enter a market when the economy is booming and competition is stiff.

Also, a down economy can mean cheaper prices for goods and services. As companies close branch offices, they may be willing to sell office equipment, furniture, electronics, and other items at discounted rates. Check eBay and Craigslist for deals. Find local businesses that are closing their doors and see whether they're selling stuff you need.

Skilled labor is also more readily available in a down economy. It's perfectly acceptable to contact downsizing businesses to find employees who might be a good fit for your company. With today's employment outlook, skilled workers may be willing to take lower salaries, at least for now. As your business prospers, you may be able to ramp up salaries and offer other benefits. Over time, some folks who have only worked for large corporations may even find that a small business fits them better. Your newly hired Boeing engineer may be happier designing equipment parts in your small machinist's shop.

If you're thinking about starting a small business, here are two time-tested suggestions:

  • Start small. You'll want to test the market for your product or service without risking too many resources. In these days of tight credit, you'll probably need to pump a good deal of your own money into any start-up venture. Take it slow and let it build.
  • Seek advice. Find other small business owners, perhaps in other cities, and pick their brains for suggestions about overcoming obstacles, keeping the business focused, and prospering in hard times.

If you'd like additional suggestions for getting your business started, contact us at  


Genetically modified foods and associated health risks.

by Jeffrey Smith

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has called on all physicians to prescribe diets without genetically modified (GM) foods to all patients.1 They called for a moratorium on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), long-term independent studies, and labeling, stating,

"Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food, including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.

...There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation..."

Former AAEM President Dr. Jennifer Armstrong says,

"Physicians are probably seeing the effects in their patients, but need to know how to ask the right questions."

Renowned biologist Pushpa M. Bhargava also believes that GMOs are a major contributor to the deteriorating health in America.

Pregnant Women and Babies at Great Risk

GM foods are particularly dangerous for pregnant moms and children. After GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died-compared to 10 percent deaths among controls fed natural soy.2 GM-fed babies were smaller, and possibly infertile.3

Testicles of rats fed GM soy changed from the normal pink to dark blue.4 Mice fed GM soy also had altered young sperm.5

Embryos of GM soy-fed parent mice had changed DNA.6 And mice fed GM corn had fewer, and smaller, babies.7

In Haryana, India, most buffalo that ate GM cottonseed had reproductive complications such as premature deliveries, abortions, and infertility; many calves died.

About two dozen US farmers said thousands of pigs became sterile from certain GM corn varieties. Some had false pregnancies; others gave birth to bags of water. Cows and bulls also became infertile.8

In the US, incidence of low birth weight babies, infertility, and infant mortality are all escalating.

Food that Produces Poison

GM corn and cotton are engineered to produce a built-in pesticide called Bt-toxin-produced from soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis. When bugs bite the plant, poison splits open their stomach and kills them. Organic farmers and others use natural Bt bacteria spray for insect control, so biotech companies claim that Bt-toxin must be safe.

The Bt-toxin produced in GM plants, however, is thousands of times more concentrated than natural Bt spray. It is designed to be more toxic,9 has properties of an allergen, and cannot be washed off the plant.

Moreover, studies confirm that even the less toxic natural spray can be harmful. When dispersed by planes to kill gypsy moths in Washington and Vancouver, about 500 people reported allergy or flu-like symptoms.10,11 The same symptoms are now reported by farm workers from handling Bt cotton throughout India.12

GMOs Provoke Immune Reactions

GMO safety expert Arpad Pusztai says changes in immune status are "a consistent feature of all the [animal] studies."13

From Monsanto's own research to government funded trials, rodents fed Bt corn had significant immune reactions.14 15

Soon after GM soy was introduced to the UK, soy allergies skyrocketed by 50 percent. Ohio allergist Dr. John Boyles says

"I used to test for soy allergies all the time, but now that soy is genetically engineered, it is so dangerous that I tell people never to eat it."

GM soy and corn contain new proteins with allergenic properties.16 and GM soy has up to seven times more of a known soy allergen.17 Perhaps the US epidemic of food allergies and asthma is a casualty of genetic manipulation.

Animals Dying in Large Numbers

In India, animals graze on cotton plants after harvest. But when shepherds let sheep graze on Bt cotton plants, thousands died. Investigators said preliminary evidence "strongly suggests that the sheep mortality was due to a toxin. . . . most probably Bt-toxin."18 In one small study, all sheep fed Bt cotton plants died; those fed natural plants remained healthy.

In an Andhra Pradesh village, buffalo grazed on cotton plants for eight years without incident. On January 3rd, 2008, 13 buffalo grazed on Bt cotton plants for the first time. All died within three days.19

Bt corn is also implicated in the deaths of cows in Germany, and horses, water buffaloes, and chickens in the Philippines.20 In lab studies, twice the number of chickens fed Liberty Link corn died; 7 of 40 rats fed a GM tomato died within two weeks.21

Worst Finding of All-GMOs Remain Inside You

The only published human feeding study revealed that even after you stop eating GMOs, harmful GM proteins may be produced continuously inside of you; genes inserted into GM soy transfer into bacteria inside your intestines and continue to function.22

If Bt genes also transfer, eating corn chips might transform your intestinal bacteria into a living pesticide factory.

Warnings by Government Scientists Ignored and Denied

According to documents released from a lawsuit, scientists at the FDA warned that GM foods might create allergies, poisons, new diseases, and nutritional problems.23 But the White House ordered the agency to promote biotechnology, and Michael Taylor, Monsanto's former attorney, headed up the FDA's GMO policy.

That policy declares that no safety studies on GMOs are required. Monsanto and other producers determine if their foods are safe.

Taylor later became Monsanto's vice president, and was reinstalled at the FDA in 2009 by the Obama administration as the US Food Safety Czar.

How You Can Opt Out of Being a Guinea Pig

Biologist David Schubert of the Salk Institute says,

"If there are problems [with GMOs], we will probably never know because the cause will not be traceable and many diseases take a very long time to develop."

In the nine years after GM crops were introduced in 1996, Americans with three or more chronic diseases jumped from 7 percent to 13 percent.24 But without any human clinical trials or post marketing surveillance, we may never know if GMOs are a contributor.

Citizens need not wait for more research to take the doctors' advice: avoid GMOs.

For your convenience, I have prepared this Non-GMO Shopping Guide using information from the Center for Food Safety and Institute for Responsible Technology. Even a small percentage of people choosing non-GMO brands could force the food industry to remove all GM ingredients.

Thus, the AAEM's non-GMO prescription may be a watershed for the US food supply.

Tell the USDA that you DO care about GE contamination of organic crops and the food you eat! Let the USDA know that you WILL reject GE Contaminated Alfalfa and Alfalfa-Derived Foods and that GE Alfalfa will significantly increase the use of pesticides, resulting in harm to human health and the overall environment.

Also, send the FDA your feedback now!

To learn more about the health dangers of GMOs, and what you can do to help end the genetic engineering of our food supply, please visit www.ResponsibleTechnology.org.

About the Author

International bestselling author and filmmaker Jeffrey Smith is the leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods.

His first book, Seeds of Deception, is the world's bestselling and #1 rated book on the topic. His second, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods, provides overwhelming evidence that GMOs are unsafe and should never have been introduced.

Mr. Smith is the executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, whose Campaign for Healthier Eating in America is designed to create the tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs, forcing them out of our food supply.

For a straightforward guide to shopping Non-GMO, see the Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

Estimated taxes are due quarterly

Winter, spring, summer, fall - for every season, there's an estimated tax payment.

The first quarterly estimated tax payment for 2011 is due April 18, the same day as your 2010 federal income tax return.


Generally, you have to make federal estimated payments if you expect to owe $1,000 or more when you file your return next year. When figuring your 2011 estimates, include self-employment tax on income from your business, and subtract withholding from wages or other sources.


A quick way to calculate how much to pay for 2011: Divide the total amount of tax shown on your 2010 return by four. This method is called a "safe-harbor" because you can avoid penalties. If your adjusted gross income is more than $150,000, you'll need to pay in 110% of your 2010 tax liability to avoid penalties.


You can revise your estimates throughout the year - and you may want to do that during 2011, due to the 2% reduction in the self-employment tax rate.

Remember, too, that estimates are not only for the self-employed. You may need to make estimated tax payments when you receive amounts from which no income tax is withheld, such as dividends or retirement income.


We're ready to help you calculate your estimated tax. Whatever the season, all you have to do is contact us for any assistance you need.

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