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July 20, 2012

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I was interviewing Jimmy Miller at Jimmyz Original Hibachi House for an upcoming cover story in Weekly Surge when he said, "Did you see the ambulance I bought?"


Well sure enough, there was used and sturdy-looking white ambulance sitting at the curb. 


"What do you want with an ambulance, Jimmy?" I asked.


jimmyz ambulance I had no clue what the answer could be, but the reason was touching. Jimmy's wife, Kenza Miller, is from a tiny town in Morocco called Fkih Ben Salah. While they were visiting there recently (they met the king of Morocco, but that's another story) Jimmy noticed the kids like soccer, but they need equipment and have no organized teams to play with.


Most people who noticed this might donate a few bucks to someone at the town and wish them luck on getting a youth soccer program. That's not Jimmy's style. 


He also heard during the visit that there is a huge need for ambulances in that part of the world, and they sell for big money. So Jimmy came home, went on-line and found a good used ambulance in another state, bought it and brought it back to Myrtle Beach. He is hoping residents here will fill it with soccer equipment they or their children can no longer use - maybe there are outgrown shoes, shorts or shirts in people's closets.


The plan is to ship that soccer-stuffed ambulance to Morocco, where the equipment will go to children and the ambulance will be sold to further fund a soccer program. If you have soccer equipment to donate, Jimmy's cell phone number is (843) 246-5577. I'll be running this as a public article next week.


I've noticed before that most restaurant owners have big hearts. Some show it better than others, like Jimmy, and like Joey Arakas at Joe's Bar & Grill. His generosity is explained in today's Weekend Roundup.


Last week I told you that, after reopening with new operators in early June, Phillips Seafood closed again under somewhat mysterious circumstances. It hasn't yet reopened as far as I know, but Phillips Seafood corporate marketing director, Michelle Torres, said this week the restaurant will soon reopen under the management of the same people who closed it on July 6.


One more thing - there is another half-off restaurant deal coming in your email inboxes this morning. This one is from Brat Haus, where you can get $24 worth of excellent German cuisine for $12. More restaurant owners are scheduling such deals in coming weeks, so enjoy the savings!



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Huge Wine Award
At SeaBlue in North Myrtle Beach
 wine spectator best of



SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar in North Myrtle Beach has earned one of ten prestigious Best of Awards of Excellence bestowed across South Carolina in the 2012 Wine Spectator awards.

A Whole New Jimmagan's 
With a party to celebrate! 
jimmagans french dip

Did someone say FREE POUR? Yep, there's one happening soon at Jimmagan's, which is undergoing a complete remodel while it's still open. One thing that isn't changing is its excellent sandwiches.

Restaurant Review

Joe's Diner by the Airport, Myrtle Beach

joes diner

Joe Miller and Robin Marden are back slinging their specials - I love the $6 Meat-and-Three lunch! 

The Sassy Server 
Avoiding temptation  

sassy server

One of the major advantages of working in a restaurant is, without a doubt, the free food-- whether servers are given a free meal every day or enjoy grazing on back line extras, the opportunities to snack at work are plentiful... but at what cost? 

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Weekend Roundup

A new restaurant has closed.
Night Fever!
For Lester's benefit.
Return of the Russell Brothers.
Saturday Night Live.
Bandito's Menu
Familiar and creative choices 
banditos logo
Myrtle Beach Restaurant News readers get the first exclusive look at the Bandito's menu! They're planning to open within two weeks.
Dinner and a Show
Only on select dates 
cradys tuna
A friend and I had SUCH a good time recently, with one of the special dinners at Crady's Restaurant followed by "The Full Monty" at Conway's Theatre of the Republic. Find out how you can enjoy one of these exclusive dinner and a show nights.
Restaurant Inspections  
Two Bs in North Myrtle Beach
dead flies


A cooler that wasn't cool enough, the presence of flies and dirty spice shakers contributed to a popular North Myrtle Beach seafood restaurant earning this week's lowest health and safety inspection score of 79. 

Coming Up Next Week

I honestly don't know what-all I'll cover next week. I had a computer crash this week and have had my head down, focusing on the tasks in front of me. We'll find out together!
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