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Healthy Donkeys Break the Cycle of Poverty by Providing an Education
A healthy, happy donkey may be one of the most important assets that a family owns, to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for future generations.

A strong, well cared-for animal can earn money to pay for school fees, uniforms, and text books so that children can receive an education (which isn't free in most countries).

A healthy donkey can also help the woman of the house with heavy household tasks, like transporting water and firewood over long distances, so her children don't have to stay home from school to help with these necessary chores.
This is a massive project with long-term benefits for the animals and the families who need them, including children whose educations are funded and made possible by these amazing animals and hard-working women.

Brooke USA's Women 4 Donkeys campaign has raised 80% toward our goal of $200,000 to help tens of thousands of women in Kenya learn how to properly care for the animals on whom they and their families depend. Please help us reach our goal!
Let's help to ensure that beautiful girls like these are able to receive an education because their families own healthy donkeys!
We can help women like these keep their donkeys healthy and happy so they can continue to help with the heavy household work, like transporting water and firewood over long distances.
Last year alone, 4,000 owners in Afghanistan started working with Brooke, and 5,200 school children learned about animal welfare there!
You've Been Helping Equines and Owners in Burkina Faso and Senegal!
A Brooke West Africa staff member feeds a horse in Senegal while a Brooke-trained farrier waits to trim its hooves. The owner is holding the horse.
Thanks to our donors, our colleagues at Brooke West Africa have their hands full, covering two countries: Senegal and Burkina Faso, where more than 2 million horses, donkeys and mules are currently working in punishing environments. You've been helping through your previous donations to Brooke USA, as we support many of Brooke West Africa's programs. Brooke’s aim is to improve the welfare of 150,000 working equines in the region by 2021, through education and advocacy.
Your gifts are having a great Impact!
A young girl in Pakistan hugging a foal
Thanks in part to our amazing Brooke USA donors and the programs that you helped to fund, last fiscal year Brooke reached more horses, donkeys and mules than ever before.
You helped to improve their welfare and supported communities to provide the best possible care for these equines -- like constructing watering points and shade shelters in Ethiopia, reaching donkeys in Pakistan's coal mines, and teaching farriery skills in Senegal.

You also funded programs to raise awareness of the issues that affect the wellbeing of working equines and to influence decision makers, at every level.

We think those are fantastic results, and you can be proud to have played an important part!
Watch for our Special WEG edition of our Brooke USA Newsletter next month, outlining the activities and presentations that you can enjoy at WEG while supporting working equines around the world!

Will you be attending? Please let us know, if you are. Just email us: We'd love to meet you!
Brooke veterinarians work with more than 4,000 animal healthcare practitioners and train in veterinary schools too, which gives Brooke the opportunity to build good medical principles and diagnostic skills for the veterinarians of the future.
This mule struggles to pull a very overloaded wagon full of bricks
"Brooke Bricks" will Help Horses who Work in India's Brick Kilns

"Brooke Bricks," engraved with your name or the name of a beloved person or pet, will be installed in the new "Brooke Breezeway" at the Tryon International Equestrian Center as a legacy of the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 (WEG).

Brooke Bricks are made in the USA, and no animals are involved in manufacturing.

Proceeds from the sale of Brooke Bricks will improve the lives of horses, donkeys, and mules in India's grueling brick kilns.
Other Easy Ways to Help Brick Kiln Animals:

Do it your way! From crafty creations to sponsored rides and raffles, there are countless ways to fund raise for Brooke USA. Hold a bake sale, bike-a-thon, cocktail party, pet sit, sell stuff on ebay or consignment. Simply set a target, rally your friends and turn your bright idea into vital funds for horses, donkeys, mules, and the families who depend on them in the developing world.

Look What You Did! More Good Results from Your Response to Guatemala's Volcano
Owners and horses near the volcano receiving emergency feed for their animals
Many thanks, again, to those who supported Brooke USA's equine emergency disaster relief project for the animals affected by the Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala. Through ESAP, Brooke's partner in Guatemala, food, water and essential veterinary care were provided for an estimated 312 horses within 10 communities of the volcano's “hot zone.” ESAP was also able to use the opportunity to share knowledge with owners on the management of animals in disasters. Thank you for being so responsive to this disaster!
A Good First Step Toward Improving the Welfare of Karachi's Garbage Donkeys
Brooke USA donors have supported equine welfare programs in Pakistan, so we'd like to tell you about some good news there.

In the Pakistani city of Karachi, donkeys play a vital role in transporting the city's garbage. Brooke raised awareness of their welfare needs earlier this year at a conference in Thailand.

Zahir Shah, Research Coordinator for Brooke Pakistan, presented the results of an insightful research project into the role of cart donkeys, transporting garbage in Karachi.
Participants from 24 countries attended the conference, where Zahir's presentation sparked great interest - the first step in improving the donkeys' welfare.
We'll be launching an exciting new campaign after WEG, so keep watching our newsletters for more info!
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