December 10, 2020
Helping Families Through the Holidays
The holiday season is here, and with families across the Dallas region facing an uncertain winter, Communities In Schools of the Dallas Region (CISDR) is reaching out to make sure our students and families don't fall through the cracks. For example, at Malvern Elementary in McKinney, our staff distributed 40 Thanksgiving meals to students and their families. Across 85 public K-12 schools, we are working to ensure a happy and healthy holiday season for the children we serve!
Support CISDR This Holiday Season!
Students across the Dallas region are suffering. Children who were already struggling with the effects of poverty, family instability, and systemic racism are now facing even more barriers to get the help they need during the pandemic. Will you make a gift to CISDR and help students access what they need to succeed? You can set up a monthly recurring payment, or make a one-time contribution at any time by going to, or by calling us at 214-827-0955 ext. 267.
President/CEO Adam Powell Appears on Deconstructing Dallas Podcast
CISDR President and CEO Adam Powell recently sat down with Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble of Allyn Media's Deconstructing Dallas podcast, talking about the uptick in depression, mental health and suicidal ideations amongst our youth, and the work we are doing to bridge this gap. Please click the link below to listen on your favorite podcasting platform, and find out more about how CISDR is bringing hope to the Dallas region.

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Our Mission
The mission of Communities In Schools of the Dallas Region is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.