December 2019 Newsletter
Merry Christmas!

HHI has been busy over the last three months participating in Service Projects in the USA and Africa, engaging in public speaking opportunities at local churches in Southern Oregon, holding our 15th Annual Celebration Banquet, raising funds for a new well project and organizing our 2nd Annual Giving Tuesday online donation campaign!

Below is a summary of how God used all of these experiences to bring help and hope to hurting people as we provided practical hands-on care.  We hope you enjoy reading this update!

We also invite you to "Go!" on one of our 2020 Service Projects to experience the blessing of serving one another.  As one HHI Volunteer recently shared, " It was beyond impactful and I will forever have a different outlook on my life and the person I want to be in God's eyes."  If you would like to join us on a future project, please see the bottom of this message for a list of up-coming events.

Finally, if you are currently supporting this ministry - THANK YOU!  If you are not, we encourage you to, by becoming a financial supporter.  You can give (1)  online at    (2) through our Facebook donate button (which allows HHI to forgo credit card processing fees) or (3) by mailing a check to: 600 Whitman Place, Medford, OR 97501.  

From all of us at Helping Hands International, Inc., THANK YOU for making 2019 a memorable year.

Merry Christmas!
Helping Hands International, Inc. Staff

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Fall & Winter 2019: Highlights

10/10/19-10/13/19 San Francisco, California: Homeless Outreach.  HHI Team Leader Steve Burkhalter lead a group of eight HHI Volunteers to San Francisco, California!  Despite major power outages impacting the Bay Area, this small group of men brought the light of Christ to the city streets by completing several projects, including but not limited to: homeless outreach and several needed repairs and improvements to a local YWAM facility (e.g. creating doors, repairing floors/stairs, installing lights, painting etc.).  This time of fellowship was especially meaningful to the team of men who went to serve.  See a couple of their post trip survey comments below.

Pictures Courtesy of: Steve Burkhalter and Team

According to one HHI Volunteer: "It provided opportunities of transparency with my fellow brothers that allowed them to speak truth into my life while we worked and communed together."

According to another HHI Volunteer: "It gave me a perspective into a world I hadn't seen before. San Francisco is a broken place and I think we had some meaningful conversations."

10/13/19 Table Rock Christian Fellowship, Medford, Oregon. 
HHI had the opportunity to speak at three services at Table Rock Christian Fellowship in October.  If you have not had a chance to listen to Ron's sermon regarding serving in the name of Jesus and how  "We are all called to be mission minded but it is going to look different for all of us..." we encourage you to check-out the YouTube video.  This opportunity lead to about 20 people expressing interest in potentially serving on a 2020 Service Project with HHI.  If you are interested in serving too, we encourage you to follow our online three step Trip Registration process!  

Picture Courtesy  of: Stefani Khaleel

10/19/19-11/11/19 Rakwaro, Kenya: Child Sponsorship, Water & Anti-Malaria ProjectHHI  Team Leader Crissy Christian lead a group of nine HHI Volunteers to Rakwaro, Kenya!  These HHI Volunteers were able to complete several projects on this trip, including but not limited to: vacation bible school for over 500 local villagers, started a Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua) cultivation project (e.g. anti-malaria plants and seeds ), treated about 40 villagers for malaria, installed a shade net, repaired houses, and served the local community.  Read how this specific trip impacted the HHI Volunteers below!

Pictures Courtesy of:  Crissy Christian and Team

According to one HHI Volunteer: "The trip affected me in so many more ways than I thought it was going to. I've never seen that specific kind of love from the village people along with growing my relationship with God to stronger than its ever been. I also was more emotional than I've ever been about seeing how other people from the other side of the world live their daily lives..."

According to another HHI Volunteer: "Starting the Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua) cultivation project and treating about 40 villagers for malaria was a meaningful task and showed how simple health care measures, administered locally, can beneficially impact a huge number of people in Kenya for very little cost. Localized medicinal gardens are a vital health care need in the poorest areas of Kenya. It gave my wife and I a vision for continuing and expanding this necessary work."

10/26/19 Jacksonville, Oregon: 15th Annual Celebration Banquet.  The HHI Staff and Board had the privilege of hosting more than 230 guest at our Annual Celebration Banquet, which was held at our new venue, the Bigham Knoll ballroom!  During this event, we heard testimonies from Ron Ashpole, Leslie Ashpole and Tim Plankenhorn regarding HHI's 2019 Service Projects, watched a year-in-review video, and were asked to consider contributing to HHI's 2020 Financial Goals (see below).  I am happy to report approximately 147 people responded that night by committing to give over $65k!  Thank you for your generosity, which will allow us to continue making an impact in 2020! 

Picture courtesy of: Banquet Attendees

11/26/19: New Well Project, Nairobi, Kenya. HHI happily announced we were able to raise the $20k requested for the Mathare Slums Well Project.  Thank you to everyone who gave online or by check!  We have already signed a contract with a well drilling company to complete this project in 2020.  Stay posted for more updates!

Pictures courtesy of: Stefani Khaleel 

12/3/19 Online Giving Campaign, Worldwide: 2nd Annual Giving Tuesday Campaign. HHI engaged in our second annual social media campaign to raise funds through Facebook's Giving Tuesday program.

As a result of this single campaign, we were able to raise more than $85k!  Approximately $35k of this amount is earmarked for a new school building project in Rakwaro, Kenya , about $30k is designated based on donation commitments made during the October Banquet and around $20k will go toward HHI's General Fund.  

Facebook has indicated all non-profits should find out by mid-January 2020 if their donations will be doubled.  So, please continue to pray that we will be one of the 97,000 non-profits who benefit from the $7M match.  We were successful in 2018 in securing a 2019 match and hope to repeat the outcome in 2020 based on the 2019 online donations, Lord willing!

Pictures Courtesy  of: Stefani Khaleel

September-December 2019: Child Sponsorship. HHI continued to receive several Child Sponsorship commitments for the children in Kenya.  Specifically, between September and December, we had 12 children who were sponsored by individuals who committed to donating $35 a month to provide food, school uniforms, and attendance at the Dream School in Rakwaro, Kenya where the children learn about Jesus.  Thank you for investing in these kids and the future of this community!

Picture Courtesy  of: Stefani Khaleel

Thank you for supporting of Helping Hands International, Inc.!

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