Helping Hands Mom Undeterred By Finish Line Crisis

Volume 4, 2012

holly graduation

Holly - ASU 

Patty SMCC graduation

Patty -South Mountain Community College  

Alicia - ASU 

tracy graduation
Tracy - ASU 
cori and family
Cori and her family
Dear friends of Helping Hands


I never ceased to be amazed by the determination and resilience of the single mom college students we serve. Balancing 
attending college full-time, working part-time and raising children "all the time" requires an incredible amount of discipline and drive. Occasionally, a Helping Hands mom finds herself inundated with issues that converge on her at the worst of times. Cori, a single mother of two and recent graduate from nursing school, is such an example. Last March, as Cori prepared for her last few months of classes, clinicals, and finals, she was hit by a young driver. Cori suffered a broken ankle, 2 fractures, and has resulting neck and back pain. Her car was also totaled. In the midst
of these challenges, Cori was carrying the daily burden of worrying about her 21 year old brother who is receiving treatments for a brain tumor.


In spite of these trials, Cori was undeterred in her commitment to graduating from Glendale Community College School of Nursing. She completed her classes, finished her clinicals on a broken foot, and passed her finals. Cori proudly attended her Nursing Pinning Ceremony on May 8. Great job Cori - we are proud of you!


The Class of 2012 
crystal and son
Crystal graduated from Grand Canyon University


In May, fourteen Helping Hands moms earned college degrees. Ten of these moms completed their college education and will begin the next phase of their lives - employment. We are thrilled to announce that six of the ten graduates have already obtained career jobs with an average starting salary of $40,000!   These moms quickly entered the work force as a result of internships they served, the degree programs they chose, and their past work experience. Three of the four remaining moms are nursing students and will be looking for work once they have taken their state boards.


That is what our organization is about. Providing these moms with a "helping hand" that facilitate them not only graduating with a degree but becoming independent wage earners and supporters for their families.   We thank all our volunteers and financial supporters who invested in the lives of these single mom college students. 

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