LGBTQ Compassion in Action

RWF is the world's first a nd only all-volunteer, LGBTQ- based humanitarian aid organization. Our mission is to promote peace, unity and hope by leading the LGBTQ movement in participating in humanitarian relief efforts. RWF has donated over $4.4 million of life saving aid.

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Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce the dates of our next humanitarian trips to Cuba and Guatemala. We also hope that you will support us on a much shorter journey this weekend. 
Team RWF at the San Francisco AIDS Walk. 
RWF is participating in the 10K San Francisco AIDS Walk on Sunday, July 15. Please support our team with a donation and put your compassion into action! The funds that RWF raises will go to Positive Images - an organization that provides to support to LGBTQ youth.  
Javier Rosales and Chris Carnes at the Conga - the LGBTQ Pride parade in Havana. 
My recent trip to Cuba with RWF ignited a light in me I almost forgot I had. I left San Francisco with very little expectations, so I was able to experience her with an open heart and a loving mind. I witnessed the beauty and strength of community in a very different way. Resiliency, love and pride are rooted deep in the culture, and I was reminded of how important it is to always come from a place of love.  

Jeff Cotter, Karen Kai and Javier Rosales in Havana's Revolution Square.
As a recent addition to the RWF board and my first journey to Cuba, I have seen the contributions and impacts of this compassionate organization. I absorbed the history of Cuba both pre and post revolution. We had the blessing and the privilege to meet with community leaders, activists and advocates, healthcare providers, and organizers that provided an insight I never would have imagined.  
RWF volunteers in Havana at the José Fuster mural of the revolutionary fathers on the yacht Granma.

I learned many aspects of how the parliament functions and how local organizations, churches, and healthcare providers/systems work together to offer a holistic approach to the wellbeing of all in Cuba. Resiliency was woven in every heart and home of this awe-inspiring country. Even in the direst of needs, the strength of community overcomes.

Javier Rosales and Yoban Cabrera ....falling in love with Cuba.

I fell in love with Cuba and all of her beauty and culture. My journey allowed me to open up my heart in ways I had never done before. The Pride parade was one of the highlights for me. I experienced some of the most beautiful aspects of Cuba: music, dance, love, pride, unity, justice, equity, and joy. During the festivities the blessing of deep love embraced me. I met the love of my life, and for this reason I will always cherish this unforgettable radiant place. I am grateful to RWF, Cuba, and all of those who made the experience one I will always remember.   
RWF will return for to Cuba May 8-18, 2019. Please consider joining us on this life changing journey. Learn more here.  
- Javier Rosales, Board Member  

Visit Mayan villages and learn about their customs and traditional way of life.

Walk with a legendary people, learn about Mayan spirituality, and explore human rights issues with a people whose traditions span centuries of development. Experience ancient, colonial, and modern influences that have molded a people of unique strength and deep faith. Help deliver medical and educational supplies... be forever changed.

Arco Santa Catalina in beautiful downtown Antigua.   
We will learn from Guatemalans about the realities in their country by visiting projects that serve the people and engaging in social, cultural and artist exchanges. The trip includes visits to diverse communities, meeting with leaders from a variety of fields, and spending time with the LGBTQ community to learning about their struggle for their civil rights. Learn more here.   

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In Solidarity,

J eff Cotter,
Executive Director