Helping Manufacturers
Expand Fast
Tighter production windows, faster speed to market and the pressure to continuously develop and retool for new products means increasing pressure on manufacturing facilities.
"Manufacturers need flexibility, whether it is a new equipment enclosure or a bigger shipping office, they need quick and flexible construction options that have a minimum impact on their uptime."
---    Steve Schmidt, National Sales Manager, Starrco
Project Spotlight
Watch how 24-hour production and operations continued with very little interruption during the installation of a 60-foot long Starrco building at the Faurecia plant in Ohio.

Protecting Uptime with Modular
4-6 weeks
Our average turnaround time to manufacture and ship a new building.
Move-in ready
We ship finished parts, flat-packed and ready to install. As soon as the structure is assembled and connected to utilities, you can move in.
75 percent faster than conventional construction
With a Starrco building, you don't need to dig foundations, build stud walls, wait for rough-in trades, attach drywall then mud, sand and decorate. We do everything at our factory.

No mess
There's no cutting, sanding or other construction mess or dust to cause havoc with your equipment, products or employees.
Control over your downtime
The installation phase takes up minimal space and only needs a small crew. This means minimal impact on your production and operations.
Small installation zone
Most plants provide the install crew with a small working zone around the building installation site and an area to store the materials.
Add a second floor, expand a room or move the building across the shop floor. Your Starrco building gives you the flexibility to change whenever you need to.
Immediate depreciation
Under section 179  of the tax code, you can depreciate a Starrco building in the year of installation because it qualifies as equipment. A conventionally constructed building takes 39 years to depreciate.
About Starrco
At Starrco, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind - from the initial quote to the final installation. We make sure all the pieces come together with precision and personable customer service. With our modular pre-engineered systems, we are proud to offer a clean, expedient and high-quality solution that revolutionizes the concept of construction.
In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we manufacture cleanroom wall systems, floor-to-ceiling interior wall partitions, Starrguard safety guard rail systems, and pre-assembled portable offices.