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Request Information - Language Services Associates and CHV: Ensuring Access through Certified Interpretation/Translation Services at Enhanced Health Center Rates

Ensuring access to quality health care has been the cornerstone principle of community health centers. Access is defined in many ways, but one of the most important is communication.  Patients need to be able to communicate with providers in a language with which they’re most comfortable.

Language Services Associates (LSA) offers a full suite of language interpretation solutions to help optimize the experience of patients. Providing native language support improves the efficiency and productivity of staff, raises customer satisfaction levels, and builds loyalty. For more than 2,000 clients worldwide, in more than 200 languages, LSA provides a competitive differentiator in healthcare.

 Language Services Associates also offer a variety of solutions including:

  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Video Remote Interpreting
  • American Sign Language
  • Face-to-Face Interpreting
  • Translation and Localization
  • Language Assessment

Language Services Associates offers language solutions under contract with the Value in Purchasing (ViP) Program. In recognition of health centers’ commitment to ensuring access to care, LSA is now offering enhanced discounts up to 14% lower than traditional ViP rates for over the phone (OPI) and video remote (VRI) interpretation and translation services.


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