Helping People Live Indoors
Vol. 1, No. 1
April 9, 2018
Welcome to our Newsletter!
We will be sending this out weekly, and if you have received this we have sensed you maybe someone who cares about what we are, or it hit your social media platform...or somebody forwarded it to you.
Whatever the case may be, "Hi there."
What and who is Tilted Halo Services, Inc.?
We re a relatively new organization, trying a new way to help people.
We have many plans and designs, some big an some not so big, maybe even small.
Our first focus, main focus and our desired focus is to help the homeless "live indoors", and its a huge focus.
The Reader's Digest version:
We lease homes, and then sublet the bedrooms resulting in a house-sharing affair. Rents in northern Colorado are insanely high and out of reach for the shrinking middle class and disadvantaged; there's a graph below.
Out target market, is the homeless; not the alcohol, drug addicted, "cause trouble homeless", but what we have come to know as the Invisible Homeless.
They have families {or are single}, jobs or a source of income {Social Security, Disability...}, vehicles {which often they live in when the shelters are full}, and do not want their current lifestyle to become permanent or worse.
Using a version of a sliding-scale, incorporating some of the bureaucratic benchmarks of "Affordable Housing" of a percentage of AMI (Area Median Income), we then privately through donations to Tilted Halo, Inc. (a 501(c)3 non-profit (public benefit) corporation, subsidize part of their sublet rent payment.
We are calling this " Transformational Housing ."
That's the Reader's Digest version, there's plenty more to the story!

So, "Who are the 'we'?"

There are more than just the two of us, but the two workhorses at present are:
Peter Tippett
Executive Director
Desiree Anthony
Intern and Director of Development
We are in the process of addling to our Board of Directors and our Advocacy board, and if you have an interest in seeing how you can become helpful, let us know via the contact information at the bottom of this communique...
By the way, future e-mails will not be so long and the format may change some.
On this day, we are just introducing us and our conceptions...
Our Mission and Values Statement
Tilted Halo Services is a spiritual entity having as its mission the unrelenting desire to serve and assist marginalized people move towards improved wellness, self-sufficiency and a quality of life. Allowing for renewed hope, vigor and a belief that a life does not have to be a vale of tears. Our experience is that hopelessness and despair can be overcome by providing legal, moral and ethical encouragement and opportunities to those who want to begin to thrive and prosper in an environment safe and protected. Our efforts to be of assistance and aid are, but are not limited to, stable, safe and legal housing, access to wellness resources, community and cooperative opportunities designed for integration into society rather than segregation from.
FDR also said:
"In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhe re must and shall choose the path of social justice…, the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.” 
Welcome to Volume 1, Number 1 of our communication device, and our credo, Helping
It's no secret, and nothing to write home about...especially if you don't have a home...that rental housing in Fort Collins, Colo. is cruelly expensive. It is prohibitive in many cases.
Like many cities, large and small, there is a homeless problem in Fort Collins and in northern Colorado.
The above are stock photos, and you no doubt find them to be somewhat stereotypical of the homeless. You have heard, seen, or been approached by the homeless; some of whom are chronic homeless. Those people exist, and our hearts go out to them, but they are not the homeless we are endeavoring to assist.
The above are "found on the Internet" pictures and are not necessarily homeless, but they do represent our definition of the "invisible homeless".
The invisible homeless are not raging alcoholics and/or drug addicts, pick-pockets, thieves, societal nuisances, and may or not be dumpster divers. They often have jobs, vehicles {which they may be living out of}, families with children going to school. More often than not, they find themselves without stable shelter through no intentional effort on their part; or they may have made poor choices and now simply and sincerely regret them and wish to leave the results of those choices behind.
These are the folks we want to assist.
We don't want to:
Our vision/mission of defining an endangered niche of the homeless and focusing on transforming their lives by creating transformational living situations, is seen by some as a waste of resources as the chronic homeless are the real problem.
We are not denying that.
We don't want to get " too big to fail" by trying to help everybody.
We will/do work in cooperation, but not affiliation with agencies public and private who are helping the chronic homeless. There are waaaaaay many more of those in practice than what we are doing, and we don't fault them; we appreciate them.
We are finding they appreciate us, too.
There are a lot of branches on the Helping People Live Indoors tree, but they all sprout from the trunk which is, Transformational Housing.

Here's the Reader's Digest version of the trunk:
Tilted Halo Services, Inc. (we are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit) leases dwellings and then sublets the rooms resulting in a home-sharing experience.
A part of the rent, payment remitted by the tenant is treated as like an ongoing security deposit which accrues and is returned to the tenant upon an amicable departure. If they were to stay in one of our homes for eighteen months, they would leave with $1,800. This serves two functions; 1. They have some skin in the game 2. Should they be evicted for cause, they loose it.
Say their rent is $800.00, but to not strain their monthly budget to the straining point, they can only afford $600.00. The difference is subsidized by private or corporate donations to Tilted Halo.
Tilted Halo Services,Inc. receives a 10% management fee from the property owner that is subtracted from the tenants rental payments.
All the homes have unique situations like utilities and Internet access which will be dealt with on an individual basis, although it works best if they remain in the property owner's name.
We have other branches on the Helping People Live Indoors tree yet to bear fruit, like babysitting subsidies to help single or married parents defray costs which may prevent them from being employed.
Tenants will be properly vetted with background and credit checks, interviews with references, doctors, social workers, employers and others as deemed necessary.
Tenants will be required to perform community service work as a gesture of gratitude for the opportunities they are receiving.
We intend to have events where all the tenants can gather for picnics, enjoy music, and helping them out of lonely desperation and into community.
Our website, will have a resource page to help them as we have found the invisible homeless are sometimes out of low self-esteem or embarrassment reticent and/or hesitant to go look for help for what they need.
We have mentioned trees and trunks and branches, but haven't gotten around to talking about the roots.
When describing flora of any kind, we talk about the size, the color, the shape, the blossoms, the leaves, the pine needles, the pine cones, the stems, the trunks and the bark...
What is never described are the roots!
Because they are not visible, that's why.
Yet without them there is no flora, no trees.
What are the roots of the Helping People Live Indoors tree?
Donors and donations.
We are still structuring our root system.
We need donors and donations or we do not even sprout.
To get to where we are, we have been self-funded with a few helpful donations of money and a 2000 GMC 1/2 ton pickup which will be put to good use.
Our self-funding well has pretty much dried up.
We need more start-up capital, as well as we need recurring donations for rent subsidies and our monthly business expenses.
The invisible homeless are needing our talents and our assistance to keep them from sliding into chronic homelessness, even aganst their will.
Security is an instinct.
There's nothing we can do to make it go away.
Cave men had their security in their caves:
The invisible homeless are insecure and fighting the powerful God-given instinct of security and that cannot breed anything less than fear bordering terror, safety with well-being, opportunity, honor and a sense of integrity seemingly out of reach.
After taking the time to read this {Thank you, we know it was long}, do you like what you see?
I like it!
It looks like it might really be of help
You guys are wasting your time
I'll pay attention and see how maybe I can jump in
I've got some thoughts and I'll contact you
There is a Donate button below, please click and make a donation. Your donation will definitely make a difference in someone's life or lives. Sadly, in a manner of speaking, there are more resources and opportunities for the chronic homeless than there are for the invisible homeless, and unlike the chronic homeless, they have no "street smarts" in the dangerous chronic homeless arena.
As we mentioned early, we had an in-kind donation of a 2000 GMC truck.
In-kind donations are non-monetary gifts given by companies and individuals to nonprofit organizations. When a business or an individual donates equipment or services to a charity, for instance, it is an in-kind contribution rather than a financial gift.
You might be surprised with what we could use and or sell!
If you could take a moment and either write and snail mail us a letter, or shoot me an e-mail, you could feel that you are helping make a difference for the less- fortunate and our community at the same time.
{Addresses below}