Vol. 8, 2021
For many, opening a small business is the realization of the American Dream. The prospect of being your own boss and pursuing your passion drives thousands of entrepreneurs to take the leap every year, but it’s not a jump one makes without some level of risk. In this issue of the SmallBiz Builder, you’ll get to meet some Padgett clients we've helped chart a course to success. We also take a closer look at the Childcare Tax Credit, share some tax insights for families getting ready to send their kids back to school and explore some dos-and-don'ts for small businesses reevaluating their office leases. 
"The best decision I ever made”
Rochelle Roos with Automotive Cosmetics Group was looking for a partner she could trust, and she found it with Padgett Business Services in North, South Carolina. As she shared with us:

"The biggest thing for me is that I trust them, and I know they're looking out for my business, my small family-owned business. It shows up in their actions, it shows in what they do for our business, and it shows in everything that they do for us."
"I don’t have any of the financial stress of taxes"
For 23 years, Butch Minkeyer has owned and operated a small retail business with seven employees in Morgantown, West Virginia. Prior to taking that entrepreneurial leap, he had been working as a manager at a nearby plant. However, a desire to move into the niche market of tobacco sales led him to set up his shop.
Why it might be a good idea to opt out of the Advance Child Tax Credit
Though the first deadline to opt out has already come and gone, you still have time to evaluate whether or not the program is right for you.
Back to school also means back to savings
It may feel like summer is in full swing, but if you're a parent you know that school is right around the corner. There are a host of programs and credits that can help your family with everything from the costs of tuition to school supplies.
What to do with your office? Rethinking your business’s space
Is your business considering remote work options and flex work schedules for your employees? If so, it also might be time to evaluate how you use your existing office space.