Bite-Size Blog #63 -- December 13, 2016

Stealth  Method of Fighting Climate Change 

     J. Morris Hicks
Since it appears that a group of climate change deniers is about to take over the executive branch of the U. S. government,  we've got to employ a different method for combatting climate change. I call it
the strategic health,  stealth  method.

How does it work? It works by simply 
on a completely different primary goal, one that produces a hidden (stealth) "fringe benefit" that will do more to combat climate change than the IPCC has been able to do in 25 years. Four steps:
  • We simply help the Trump Administration "make America great again" by showing them a new way to create more jobs in the USA. 
  • We do that by helping ALL American companies slash their cost of healthcare by up to 50%; thereby improving their ability to compete for more business on the global stage. More business = more jobs.
  • The reduced cost of healthcare results when most employees begin to take charge of their own health by simply switching to a diet-style of mostly whole, plant-based foods. 
  • Soon, those businesses around the world who do not launch similar stealth initiatives, will no longer be able to compete with those who do.
Where is the "stealth" part?  As businesses (here and abroad) slash their health costs and become more efficient, they will "unknowingly" be leading a global movement that will do more to combat climate change than all previous initiatives combined. In other words, they will be doing a great job of fighting climate change--without even being convinced that it exists in the first place.

As hundreds of millions of American workers begin to take charge of their health by choosing a diet-style consisting of mostly whole, plant-based foods, they will be leading a rapid shift away from the single biggest driver of climate change in the world, the raising of livestock for our dinner tables. Don't believe it? Check out the science on WorldWatch .  

The Process. We at 4Leaf Global, LLC, have developed a program for assisting companies of all sizes in jump-starting that all-important dietary shift in their organizations. Just take a look at these links:
Want to do your part to make all this happen? Just ask any business owners/CEOs that you know to contact me at or call me at 917-399-9700.


Summary: I wrote this April 2016 paper in an effort to appeal to "big-picture" thinkers everywhere.

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