AK Advisory Partners is a consultancy to the financial services industry,
providing advice and training to firms and individuals operating in the fee-based,
investment management and wealth management areas.

Our ability to add value to your business rests on three core competencies:

* Knowledge & Experience

* Independence & Objectivity

* Client-Focused Solutions


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P3 - Adam

Our sister company helps companies improve performance at all levels. Programs include:

Core Value Hiring
Crisis Management
Leadership Development
Networking + Selling

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I'm excited to share some great news!

We have started a new division called Your Hiring Partners (YHP), as a natural extension of the consulting work that we do at both AK Advisory Partners - with FAs, investment managers and other members of the financial services community - and Consult P3 - with businesses of all types.

In all of our consulting work, we take the time to get to know our clients and learn about them and their businesses. More importantly, we get to know their values; in fact, many times we help them develop these values.

Who better to help companies recruit, hire and train the right talent - team members that fit their culture and core values? We don't think anybody! Few search firms make the effort to ensure the fit between the candidate and the company is the proper one.

In just a short time, we have already placed several senior marketing personnel, various analysts and research coordinators and an experienced financial advisor. 

What also sets YHP apart from the competition, in addition to our streamlined hiring process, are our other concierge services, including: 
  • On-boarding - Employees change their jobs more frequently than in previous generations. We'll help guide you with best practices for on-boarding new hires for long-term success.
  • Cultural 360° - We can help your organization establish programs that will build and reinforce a winning culture, establish accountability and create a forum for two-way communication.
  • Performance Management - Employees at all levels can learn how to improve their self images, communication skills, and decision-making, and represent themselves and your company more favorably.
  • Leadership Consulting - This program is designed for high-level leaders aiming to sharpen their focus, stay resilient and achieve results.
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If you would like more details on YPH, please visit the website -
www.yourhiringpartners.com  -
or contact me directly. We look forward to working with you to help you find the perfect new hires!

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