Hello again! This is the fourth of four emails designed to share the key info needed to "Blaze the Trail" for a safe, smooth, and successful camp experience. Previous emails covered "Between Now & Camp", "Check-In Day", and "During Camp". This week's focus is on "Checkout Day".
The last day of camp is an important time for your camper and his/her living group to reflect on their experience together. In the midst of facilitating healthy reflection, farewells, and transitions, there’s also a good bit of logistics to tend to. This email will cover the key info to help your family's checkout day go smoothly for all involved. 

  • NO EARLY CHECKOUTS: Please do not request early, late, or mid-week departures. To ensure the best possible experience for campers, our small group format is reliant on keeping the living group intact all week. Shortened stays at camp disrupt not only the experience of the departing camper, but the experiences of all campers in his/her living group.

  • CLOSING CELEBRATION CHANGE: Please note that, due to space constraints and safety considerations, an “all-camp” Closing Celebration will not take place in the Holland Building this summer. Counselors will facilitate end-of-week reflection and farewells for their living groups prior to checkout, and parents will receive the end-of-week video via the email address associated with your camper’s registration.
  • STEP 1 = ARRIVAL LINE: Just like check-in day, as you approach Glisson on Camp Glisson Road, our staff will direct you to turn into the Lumpkin County High School parking lot to queue up in line for your assigned checkout time (see below). Please follow staff directions to help make pick-up as smooth as possible.

  • STEP 2 = PARKING & SIGN OUT: After your line is released into camp, you’ll be directed to park in the zone as close as possible to your camper’s cabin or checkout location based upon the parking pass you received on check in day. Please be sure to bring this parking pass with you and that it is displayed on your rearview mirror. If you don’t have one, a staff member will have extras to give you upon arrival. Please go directly to your camper’s location to sign them out with their counselor. For Village and Sparrowwood campers, checkout will be outside of your camper’s lodging location. Outpost campers checkout will be in the Holland Building parking lot.

  • STEP 3 = LUGGAGE: Your camper's luggage will be packed and ready outside of his or her checkout location – though likely not in the same condition as on Sunday! Please follow your camper's lead to ensure you go home with the right luggage.

  • STEP 4 = MEDICATIONS: Our Healthcare Team will be at a tent as you leave camp with camper medications for you to pick up. Please pick up any bottles you've left with the Healthcare Team at the beginning of the week – even if they're empty. This helps us maintain your camper's privacy.
Use the included chart to find your camper’s checkout time by the program and session they are registered for. For a larger view, click or tap the chart or visit our Arrival & Departure page. For reference, here’s a link to our 2021 Schedule. As a reminder, please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled checkout time.
If you added money to your child's store account during registration, the system asked if you would like to donate any remaining balance to the Campership Fund or receive a refund (either option is perfectly fine). Refunds will be processed automatically following the end of your camper's session. If you are unsure what you have chosen and would like to check, log in to My Account (log in to your account --> Find the registration listing for your camper → click Store Card). Please note that the store will not be open on opening or closing day; we invite you to take advantage of our Online Store
Sometimes items become separated from their owners. If that happens, here's some info that'll be helpful to know:

  • LABEL EVERYTHING: First, as a proactive measure while packing, please label everything your camper brings to camp with his or her name. Labeling greatly increases the odds of a lost item being found.

  • LOST & FOUND FORM: If you realize you're missing something important, the first and best thing to do is to fill out our Lost & Found Form online. Please don't call the office about lost items. If you do call, we'll kindly ask that you fill out the lost and found form online. As we receive submissions, we print them out and deploy a search team member and then contact you with an update. Please note that lost and found items are retained until one week after the close of the camp season and then donated to charity. (Keep in mind that any item of sentimental or monetary value may not be an item you want to bring to camp.)
Thanks for reading! We hope this year's Blazing the Trail series has been helpful for your planning. In case you missed it, the previous three emails were "Between Now & Camp", "Check-In Day", and “During Camp”. If you have any questions, check our FAQs, reply to this email, or call the office at (706) 864-6181.

Our 96th summer of ministry starts in just two days! Our year-round team has been planning and preparing since last July; our summer team has been training intensely leading up to the start of camp; and we're all praying that the 2,500+ campers headed our way this summer will grow closer to God and to one another during their time on Glisson's Holy Dirt. See you soon!

Grace and Peace,
The North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries Team

We know how to have fun – our passion is forming faith in the process.