An Uncle's most courageous act 

We recently received a heartfelt letter of thanks from a hospice social worker in Atlanta, the niece of patient Mike Swinford who died in Hospice House in April. Meredith writes,"When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January, he knew he did not want extraordinary measures to prolong his [life]. He asked the doctor for a referral to hospice. He knew what he wanted. He understood the palliative philosophy....Accepting his impending death and planning accordingly was his most courageous act. He spent time with family, gave instructions to loved ones, and asked to go to Hospice House for his last days." Read Meredith's entire letter  here.

Grateful supporters, the Swinford family hosted a Summer Nights friend and fund-raising party on our behalf. We are thankful to them and to all the hosts
listed here  who raised more than $34,000 this year.
Thrift Shoppe helps formerly homeless patient
As is too often the case, a lengthy hospitalization and loss of income were the precipitating factors in causing our patient Mr. T.'s homelessness last fall. Our nurse, chaplain and social worker met him met him on the street for appointments; on one occasion as he was walking our nurse back to her car; Mr. T's bicycle was stolen. Social worker Tressie worked tirelessly to help him regain a picture ID, birth certificate, obtain a disability check and eventually to meet his goal of living in an apartment again, while volunteer coordinator Christy helped replace the bicycle and provided groceries from our food pantry. 

We are so happy our Thrift Shoppe not only raises much needed funding to help us continue our mission, but is available for our staff when they have patients in need. Store manager Bonnie (pictured center with two volunteers) provided a huge care package of house wares to welcome Mr. T. into his new home! Find out more about visiting or supporting our Thrift Shoppe here .
It's all about the small stuff when grieving...
Betsy Kammerud
"What is it that you miss about the person who has died? Is it simply not having their presence? That is probably part of it, but when the grief wave hits, when the pain shoots to your very core, what is it that triggers those grief attacks? Usually it's the small stuff...."   Click here  to continue reading this beautiful essay written and read by bereavement counselor Betsy Kammerud (pictured) at our last memorial gathering for families whose loved one died under our care. 

Remember, Full Circle  (912.303.9442) provides grief counseling to any child, teen or adult at no charge.
Thank you!
The Yoga Relay held on behalf of our Edel Caregiver Institute
was both fun and very successful. Warm thanks to the sponsors, donors and participants who raised $10,000! Pictured are Savannah Power Yoga's Kim Norvell and Jane Gray with owner and family caregiver advocate Kate Doran, center.

We also thank the friends and family of our young patient Robbie Smith for organizing another fun (and super hot!) 14th Annual Robbie Smith Golf Outing in his memory. Pictured is Robbie's father Robert with a member of the winning team at the Club at Savannah Harbor. 
The importance of being an informed donor...
From time to time you may get solicitations from "hospice" fundraising organizations - like the "2017 Savannah Area Appeal" by "The Hospice Support Fund" - that suggest they help hospices in Savannah. These dollars do NOT support Hospice Savannah, and in fact these organizations spend most of the funds they raise on more fundraising! Organizations like these count on donors being confused. Anytime you get a solicitation from a charity, we encourage you to check them out with reputable charity oversight group like GuideStar.

And  if you want to help our friends and neighbors right here in our own community, the best way is by giving directly to Hospice Savannah. We count on your support to ensure that everyone in need of hospice, palliative care, grief and bereavement counseling, or caregiver support can get the help they need, regardless of ability to pay. Your donation to Hospice Savannah also supports our unique services like We Honor Veterans, music therapy, and storykeeping. These programs help make a family's time with Hospice Savannah very special, and set us apart from other hospices. 

Our Foundation staff is always available to answer any questions you may have at (912) 629-1055. And we are proud to voluntarily participate in GuideStar (at the Gold level) so you always know that we are accountable. There may be many hospices, but there is only one Hospice Savannah. Thank you for being an informed donor, and for your generous support.

W e are excited to announce that Arts Resource Collective of Savannah (ARC) is partnering with Hospice Savannah, Inc. to present this year's Artists and Artisans Tour On the evening of Thursday, November 2 there will be a ticketed tour of several Historic District homes filled with local art and artists, and food and beverages by local culinary masters. Tickets will be available later this month.

Also mark your calendar for a fundraiser at La Terra Natural Oils on the evening of Friday, October 6 and a bluegrass concert at Trinity United Methodist Church to benefit Hospice Savannah on the evening of Wednesday, November 15.  We are grateful for these fundraisers, and for all donations to support our programming. Click here to read the list of our August 2017 donors
People with a gift for helping

Let us help your family sooner rather than later. Watch as employee Caroline expresses her gratitude for our care. Caroline now manages our Admissions department and is  here to answer all your questions and concerns.