October Newsletter
October 31, 2020
Buy beautiful artwork from Haiti and help local artisans! 

These beautiful paper mache birds are made by Fedno Lubin, a local artisan in Haiti. Fedno has great talent and creativity but, like many other local artists, find it difficult to sell his work in Haiti.

FHFH has partnered with Atelier without Borders, an organization that uses art and education to improve the wellbeing of underserved communities, to help local artisans in Haiti sell their art abroad.

Visit Atelier without Borders's new online store to buy one of Fedno's beautiful creations!
Fedno Lubin is a local artist whose amazing ability has always been an inspiration for Flying High for Haiti. Fedno started this project as a way to raise money to pay for his university studies. He is an example of the creative potential that the Haitian children have in them. At Flying High for Haiti, we seek to empower them to develop these artistic skills that can lead to economic opportunities in their future.

Now, Fedno and his apprentices are working on a new artistic project making paper mache butterflies. We can't wait to see the results!
Support Ecole du Village in Ile-a-Vache!
With your donation, Flying High For Haiti pays for the salaries of teachers, the maintenance of the school, and much needed supplies throughout the academic year.
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