The Wheelhouse is a non profit 501c3 helping men recover from alcoholism and drug addiction
Wheelhouse helps during Harvey
The Wheelhouse followed in the tradition of helping others this month by helping those in the Deer Park and Pasadena communities clean up after the flooding created by Harvey. Not only that, they managed to rescue our Operations Chair Randy Saylors from the storm.
Over 30 Wheelhouse clients helped clean up 20 plus houses in the Deer Park and Pasadena area and several continue to do so as of the writing of this newsletter.
The storm also included a heroic effort to save long time Wheelhouse board member Randy Saylors and family from the flood waters. Randy and his new wife along with his 94 year old Mother in Law had resorted to staying in his truck with the high waters when to his surprise the Wheelhouse manager showed up on a kayak to save them one by one and then they utilize a jeep from a former Wheelhouse alumni to get through the high water back to safety. Congrats to all the guys for their selfless service during our community's time of need!

The Wheelhouse Monument Run is October 7th!
Our 10th year for the annual Wheelhouse Monument Run will be held October 7th. The event will start at the San Jacinto Monument at 9am with doughnuts and coffee and plenty of fellowship. Then at 10am it will be kick stand ups as we ride through the Houston area eventually arriving at the Jimmy Burke Center in Deer park for music, food and our guest speaker Maurice "Termite" Watkins. To register and for more information please visit the Monument Run website at the link below.

Annual Wheelhouse Conference is October 6th!

The Annual Wheelhouse Conference and cake auction will be held at the Jimmy Burke Center in Deer Park, TX on August 6th. The conference will feature the very popular Clancy N. as our guest speaker. Also hotdogs and frito pies will be served. Come out and join us for food, fun and fellowship.
Birthdays this month!
Here are those that are celebrating one more year of sobriety at The Wheelhouse this month:
Jay H. 2 years   Wade C. 1 year
Steven E. 8 years        John E. 12 years
Bo B. 1 year   Calvin H. 3 years
Ponytail Pete 1 year    Keith L. 1 year
Feelin Free 35 years  Ashton A. 2 years
Ryan M. 1 year     Roy W. 4 years
Erik S. 1 year

The Wheelhouse birthday meeting is the last Saturday of the month. The Barbecue starts at 6:30pm and the meeting starts at 8pm. Come join us!                             
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