Dear Friends,

As Jews, we have a long history of resilience in the face of difficult times . It's from this resilience that the Jewish Federation was created – to provide a social safety net for our community. Like much of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our community and many of our local agencies – Addison-Penzak JCC, Yavneh Day School, Jewish Family Services, Chai House, Hillel and all our synagogues– are facing unprecedented challenges.

Despite the uncertainty, the Jewish Federation continues to operate at full capacity (from our home offices!) to deliver the services our community needs. And it needs us more than ever. Many of you have asked us: what can I do to help?

Here are our top three suggestions:

1. Donate your time and energy. If you’d like to volunteer to help vulnerable community members, please contact Lori Cinnamon at , Manager of Volunteer and Community Engagement for Jewish Family Services.

2. Increase your financial donation.  Many thanks to those of you who contributed to our annual campaign! Your generosity makes it possible for the Jewish Federation to meet the immediate needs as we work with our agencies to understand the longer term financial impact COVID-19 will have on our community. If you are able to increase your gift, please consider doing that today.

3. If you have not given yet, now’s your chance to help by donating! If you haven’t given before, there’s no time like the present! Any amount helps. Your donation will:
  • Help the JCC support staff impacted by job or partial job loss during shelter-in-place.
  • Enable Hillel to support students remotely this year and (hopefully) in person next school year.
  • Cushion the financial blow to Jewish preschools and day schools and provide needed scholarships for families hit the hardest by this crisis.
  • Help fund meals and support the elderly and isolated.
  • Allow the continued coordination of services so no member of our community falls through the cracks.

Silicon Valley might be known for its technology but let’s make sure our community is also recognized for its heart. Challenging times call for us to come together, extend a helping hand (even if by phone, email or Zoom) and find solace in each other and our shared traditions. Please help us help our community by donating today.