LGBTQ Compassion in Action

RWF is the world's first and only all-volunteer, LGBTQ- based humanitarian aid organization. Our mission is to promote peace, unity and hope by leading the LGBTQ movement in participating in humanitarian relief efforts. RWF has donated over $4.1 million of life saving aid.

Donate today by Credit card or Paypal or send your check to 4111 - 18th Street, Suite 5, San Francisco, CA 94114.  Your donations are 100% tax deductible.
Dear Friends,

Since our founding in 2000, Rainbow World Fund's mission has been to promote peace, unity and hope by leading the LGBTQ movement in participating in humanitarian relief efforts. Today is no different, and many of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters abroad are in desperate need of our help.
Helping Our Global LGBTQ Family In Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon

Over the years, RWF has provided emergency grant assistance to LGBTQ refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon who have faced imminent threats in their homelands. RWF funds have allowed LGBTQ Iraqi refugees to be flown out of Iraq to Turkmenistan and then to Lebanon, where conditions are safer but no less precarious.    
With an uncertain future, LGBTQ refugees receive help from RWF. 

RWF has covered the costs of airplane fare, food, basic needs, and housing for 2-3 months as the refugees await safe evacuation from the region and eventual connection to LGBTQ groups able to assist them with filing for asylum. Theirs is a time of great insecurity and instability.

RWF's partner in the Middle East is Heartland Alliance International (HAI). They are the global arm of Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights, a family of organizations that has been leading anti-poverty and social justice work in the US and internationally for more than 125 years.
The refugees are often gay men living as women, who are particularly vulnerable to anti-LGBTQ forces and the danger of mortal harm. 

Several of the people that RWF has helped have been granted asylum in and have relocated to Europe and the U.S. This year, we hope to help even more of our brothers and sisters. Your gift of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more can literally save a life in the Middle East. Please consider making a donation today.

Over the next few months we will be telling some of the stories of some of these brave refugees.

Welcome New Board Member - Joseph Trummer 

Joe Trummer recently joined the RWF Board of Directors. Joe is a chemical engineer with a culinary background and works in research and development in the commercial food industry. Joe has served on the board (one year as president) of his 300 unit co-op apartment building in Chicago and contributed to several committees in their efforts to revitalize the Edgewater Beach Apartments. Joe is excited to be part of the Rainbow team and looks forward to expanding Rainbow's efforts to help those in need.

Meet Joe Trummer RWF's newest board member. 
"We are thrilled to have Joe on the board. He has helped further RWF's mission in many capacities as a volunteer over the years. His creativity, insight and commitment to service make him a valuable addition to the board."
- Jeff Cotter, Executive Director

In solidarity,    

J eff Cotter,
Executive Director