VSC Voice, Volume 4 | June 2020

These are challenging and difficult times.
As our county moves into the yellow phase and we prepare for reopening of VSC's office, we are faced with the reality that change has become a leading factor in our lives. We must adapt to a new normal, incorporating many changes into our daily life and trying to find a balance in our life. We know that change brings along both challenges and opportunities and look toward a new normal that offers opportunities. These opportunities include VSC continuing to use tools like tele health and other remote ways to offer VSC services to ensure that victims of crime receive immediate help and support and our education programs offer various prevention education programs to the community.

VSC works in partnership with law enforcement to work towards justice for victims of crime, but we also recognize that change in our law enforcement system is vital. We hope for transformation in law enforcement reforms that will ensure a just law enforcement system and equal treatment of all people regardless of their race.

Many of us are traumatized by the painful images of George Floyd being killed by a police officer pressing his knee on his neck while three other officers kept watch; the killing of Ahmad Aubrey who was jogging; and countless other images of black men and women who died at the hands of law enforcement or were treated as criminals because of their race. We stand in solidarity in demanding change as we work to fulfill VSC's mission to provide advocacy and counseling for all who have been affected by sexual violence and other crimes against the person, and to promote sensitivity and awareness in the community through education, and our vision to empower the community and to aid in the creation of a society free from violence.

Change offers an opportunity to create a new normal that can make a difference in our lives and communities. As human beings, each of us must take an active role in recognizing our implicit bias and work towards changing behaviors that create racial biases and racism.
Together we can make a better and just world for all of us.
Mary Onama, LMSW
VSC Executive Director 
Volunteer Spotlight: meet Jan Harris
If you call our hotline at 2:00 in the morning, it may be Jan Harris who answers. She's been answering the call for hundreds of victims of crime as a hotline volunteer.
Help us empower people
Volunteer recruitment is happening now. VSC volunteers attend events, answer hotline calls, and more. Our next training for volunteers will take place in July.
For your calendar
  • Friday, June 12: Pride for Kids: Diversity (offered online at 10AM and 3PM)
  • Friday, June 19: Pride for Kids: Identity (offered online at 10AM and 3PM)
  • Friday, June 26: Pride for Kids: Empathy (offered online at 10AM and 3PM)
  • August 17, 2020: Mandated Reporter Training