December 7, 2018
Helping single mothers
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham’s partnership with The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham over the last year has increased our focus on solving legal problems for single mothers and their children.

 In 2018, VLB assisted over 550 single mothers and 1,200 children with issues such as unpaid child support, eviction, garnishments, and other issues threatening their economic security. This approach to helping single mothers and their children means two generations are positively impacted, which helps break the cycle of generational poverty. If you are interested in helping single mothers with legal issues please click here .
Last chance to volunteer this year!
Donnie Winningham at the Help Desk.
Next week is the last week of Help Desks this year:

  • Civil Help Desk - Monday, 12/10 and Thursday, 12/13
  • Domestic Relations Help Desk - Wednesday, 12/12

Click here to sign up.
Open cases
Please help this client adopt his stepson who he has been caring for since the child was 5-months-old. Client says that the child’s biological father is facing criminal charges and is not part of the child’s life.  I Can Help!
Not Pictured
Please help a disabled elderly client draft her will so that she can make much needed repairs to her home. A local community group is going to help make repairs but she needs a will before the repairs can begin.  I Can Help!
Help this client get unemployment benefits that he is entitled to. He has only received one of the 22 checks that he is supposed to receive. I Can Help!
Please help this disabled client apply for permanent disability benefits. The client has already been approved for presumptive benefits and is currently being reviewed for permanent benefits. I Can Help!
Help this Veteran continue her eduction. Client was using her GI Benefits to attend college. She says that the college cancelled her field of study and has not refunded the full tuition to the government so that she can use the money at another school as part of the GI Bill. This Army Veteran only wants to go to school.  I Can Help!
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Keith Anderson helping a client at the Veterans Help Desk.
Veterans Help Desk

Scott Adams (Bradley), Keith Anderson (Bradley), Jim Bedsole (Bressler), Dylan Black (Bradley), Judge John Carroll (Cumberland School of Law), Josh Jones (Bressler), Matt Swerdlin , and Davis Vaughn (Bradley).
Student Volunteer:
Scott Sloss , Cumberland School of Law
Wes Bulgarella and his client at Turning Point.
Turning Point

Joe Bulgarella (US Bankruptcy Court), Wes Bulgarella (Maynard), Clayton Bromberg (Starnes), John McElheny, Chelsea Phillips (Balch), and Sam Pierce (Baker Donelson).
Sidney Summey at the Civil Help Desk.
Civil Help Desk

Victoria Charles (Shunnarah Injury Attorneys), McKinley Dunn (Hand Arendall),  John McElheny , Matt McVay, Kendra Johnson (Legal Services Alabama), Honza Prchal (Heninger Garrison), Bill Prosch, Sidney Summey (White Arnold), Lacy Triplett (Bressler), and Donnie Winningham (Bressler).
Leslie Barineau at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.
Domestic Relations Help Desk

Leslie Barineau (Barineau & Barineau), LaShetta Coleman, Hon. Kechia Davis, Melinda Guillaume , Susan McAlister, John Milledge, Jameria Moore (Sperling Moore), and LaBrenda Norman .
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