ICYMI: Redwood Landfill Helping in Fight Against Climate Change
In response to Marin County's recently announced Drawdown initaitive, I submitted an article to the Marin Independent Journal' s Marin Voices detailing how various projects and practices at the Redwood Landfill are helping the county's efforts to fight climate change.

If you haven't yet read the article, you can access it here. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts!
Recognized for Our Efforts
We are the proud recipients of the 2017 Clean Air Champion Award from the East
Bay Clean 
Cities Coalition for our various efforts to reduce the landfill's carbon footprint. As detailed in the Marin IJ article mentioned above, Redwood Landfill is continually looking for innovative, environmentally-friendly ways to conduct our business.

In presenting the award, the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition recognized Redwood Landfill for its "sustained, significant and innovative contributions toward reducing petroleum consumption, deploying clean energy technologies, and advancing sustainable and environmentally sound practices through the greater Northern California Bay Area region."

Recycling Tip: What About Compostable Bags and Cutlery?

Ever since we started recycling yard trimmings, food scraps and food-soiled paper, questions have been asked about compostable cutlery, bio bags and other products that are labeled compostable. Can you place these items in your organics recycling cart?

The short answer is no.

Many products currently labeled as compostable take too long to decompose and if included in our compost, would prevent us from meeting the guidelines necessary to be OMRI approved.

Just because a product label claims it is compostable or bio-degradable, it is not recognized by the US Department of Agriculture as feedstock for compost used in organic farming. Therefore, Redwood cannot accept them.

Help us maintain a high-quality compost and please do not place items such as compostable cutlery, bio bags or paper cups into your organics/green waste cart or bin.  
We Don't Trash Bicycles, We Recycle Them

When bicycles arrive at Redwood Landfill, we work hard to ensure it's not their final resting place. We are successful more times than not thanks to a relationship we have with Mike's Bikes, a San Rafael-based bicycle shop. If we receive a bicycle that can be saved, we donate it to Mike's Bikes for shipment to Africa where a local entrepreneur sells the bikes and turns the shipping container they arrived in into a bicycle repair shop.

Dozens of bicycles are now being re-used in Africa rather than recycled for scrap metal by Redwood Landfill. It is the higher and best use for the bikes and the beginning of a new business enterprise in a number of African communities. 

Learn more about Mike's Bikes Africa Drive by clicking here .