Community Resource Program

Helping you feel confident and hopeful in your parenting
Join us for the following free workshop series.
There are three options to attend each workshop.
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Strategies to help you manage and support a positive home and learning environment
Managing the Day to Day

Are you finding it challenging wearing many hats and being pulled in multiple directions (parent, care-giver, employee, home-school teacher, coach, mentor, chef, cleaner, law-enforcement)? This workshop will provide you with suggestions and strategies to build harmony in your home and to help your days be less stressful. 
Strategies to help manage and support your own and your child’s emotions. 
Managing the Day to Day

Are there big emotions (tears, anger) or flat emotions (disengagement, depression) being expressed in your house at this time? These are challenging times and a lot of us are feeling worn down and exhausted from all this togetherness. In this workshop we will provide strategies for having conversations and building positive connections that can ease the day-to-day stress.
How to take care of your self so you can take care of others.

Is your warning light on and your battery running on empty? This pandemic has been stressful for caregivers, trying to meet the needs of the household often at the expense of yourselves. This workshop will talk about self-care strategies that are easy to implement into a busy day and help bring balance and re-charge your engine. 
Raising children in an anxious world – how to effectively manage your worries.

Are you and/or your children/teens experiencing high levels of anxiety? There are a lot of things to worry about and many restrictions that prevent us from doing the things that make us feel happy and connected. This workshop will provide strategies for calming and reducing anxiety by building resilience and coping skills.