Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield knows a thing or two about isolation and physical distance. He was interviewed on the CBC recently, and his advice to all Canadians is to understand the gravity of the situation we’re facing, and then to look for the positive: “there's going to be beautiful, delightful, very human things happening every single day. Don't miss them."  

So we decided to watch for those beautiful things and share them with our followers. Check out our social media accounts (links at the bottom of this email) to see what we’ve found -- from kindness rocks painted by kids to acts of service and support by many of our sponsors and partners.
Sharing the importance of health and safety on the job
The understanding of health and safety at work has notched up several levels in the past weeks. We are grateful to all those essential workers -- not only the nurses and emergency planners, but also the store clerks, truck drivers and manufacturers whose work is contributing so much to Canada’s ability to cope with COVID-19. Thank you to all those -- workers and employers alike -- who are making efforts to keep workplaces and all Canadians safe.
Next steps for Steps for Life -- your way

We may be ISOLATING but we don't have to be ISOLATED. Traditionally, Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy is held as a community walk. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that won't be possible this year, but it's more crucial than ever to connect with family, community and with what's important to you. We’ve changed Steps for Life 2020, to help you do all that. Choose your own activity any time in May -- it could be anything that complies with your local health guidelines: how about a kitchen Scrabble tournament, an hour of backyard birdwatching or a bike ride on an area trail? Register online, then share the different WAYS you’re showing your support for Threads of Life families. Registration is free -- it’s all about participation, staying active, and connecting with others to promote workplace health and safety and to help those experiencing workplace tragedy. 
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Keeping the calm in challenging times

It truly is a small world.... and we are currently finding out just how small. The current health issue, COVID-19, has raised awareness all around the world of how things can change with short or no notice. The family members of Threads of Life...

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