Waste less today for a sustainable tomorrow
New compostable bag discount for food scraps customers

To help your business save money and do the right thing, Washington County and its regional partners have set up a new discount program for compostable liner bags. Compostable liners ensure the cleanliness and safety of your food scraps program. Now there are several vendors offering substantially discounted rates on compostable liners for Metro-area businesses that participate in food scraps collection. Ask for the "Green Business Price" to get your discount!
What would you do with over 200,000 knife sheaths?

With the help of the ResourceFull Use network, knife and tool maker Gerber has kept 220,000 obsolete sheaths out of the landfill -- and ensured they were reused by other local companies. 

Attend the next ResourceFull Use workshop on May 18 at Gerber to learn more about this Washington County company's commitment to sustainability, and how your business can start actively exchanging resources.
Drive the triple bottom line at GoGreen Portland 2017

Save the date! The 10th annual GoGreen conference is coming to Portland on Tuesday, October 17. GoGreen Portland is the largest regional conference for business and government decision-makers to come together for one day to learn from recognized community leaders and advance sustainability best practices in their own organizations.

Washington County Green Business Leaders is a proud community partner of GoGreen Portland. Use code SWR30 to get 30% off registration!