A Global Companionship Initiative of the Jesuit Schools Network
Dear JSN Companions:

So much space, so little to share with you.
Strike that. Reverse it.

Our journey along the road to global companionship has provided us with wonderful stories to recount, and it is now encouraging us forward to next steps. Here is a bit of where we've been and where we're going... 
- What's Been Happening -
Refugee Simulations 
Boston College High School and Loyola School in New York participated in the Refugee Simulation project.  In the wake of the Jesuit Refugee Service's webinar presentation, over 10 schools are planning simulations!
Ignatian Carbon Challenge
St. Louis University High School science students structured a blind taste test to see how fair trade and regular chocolate compared. Cheverus High School in Maine began a focused week of participation in the challenge with an outdoor guided meditation.

There are now 26 institutions and over 5000 individuals participating in this global sustainability effort. Carbon Challenge 2.0 will launch in April!
La Silla Roja
Georgetown Prep and Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC are among eight JSN schools that have participated in the Red Chair project that promotes access to education throughout the world.
- What's Next -
JESEDU Virtual Congress
March 1 marks the start of the two-month Virtual Congress, hosted by Educate Magis. Ignatian educators from around the world are invited to share their ideas on four themes of the congress.
Hemispheres 2.0
What does it mean for our schools to be in companionship with the world?  We will start to define that more specifically, both for our institutions and the community members within them.  

  • How might our Grad at Grad be impacted?
  • What is suggested by General Congregation 36 and our core documents?
  • How will the Virtual Congress inform us?

If you're interested in helping the Jesuit Schools network with Hemispheres 2.0, please contact Tim Sassen by simply replying to this email.  

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