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Henderson County Trivia
In last weeks Henderson County Happenings, the trivia question was:  Why was Dr. Parker buried cross-ways to the other graves in Jones Cemetery at Parkers Crossroads? The answer: He directed that he be buried with his feet pointed north so he could kick the Yankees throughout eternity. Congratulations to Lisa Sullivan for answering correctly!

This Weeks Trivia:

Q: What was the name of the teacher that taught for 54 years at the Doe Creek School House in Scotts Hill, TN?

Answer correctly and you could receive a discount from Davis Dry Goods! 

Useful Tips for Small Business Owners/Managers
Assess Your Operations On A Regular Basis

Regardless of how long the business has been in existence, taking the time to regularly assess the positive and negative sides of the balance sheet, changes in the customer base, competition, pricing, marketing, customer service and internal functions will reap beneficial rewards. Suggested items for consideration should be:

Who are are our customers today as compared to when we began?

If you would like more information about this topic or to discuss your business needs, a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL visit with Ron Acree, Director of the TN Small Business Development Center, (JSCC), may be helpful. Contact the Chamber office at (731)968-2126 to schedule an appointment during the date of his monthly visit there. This business counseling is offered as an additional service of YOUR Chamber of Commerce.
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