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Henry Hill Oil Expands with the addition of Ellis Saltwater Disposal East of Williston
With the addition of the Ellis SWD, Henry Hill Oil now owns and operates fourteen saltwater disposal sites in the Bakken.

Throughout the month of July, Henry Hill Oil crews worked diligently on a new saltwater disposal east of Williston called the Ellis Federal 1-5 SWD. The Ellis SWD is the third outlet for Henry Hill’s gathering system in the area. The saltwater disposal is nearing completion and is expected to be open by Monday August 19 th . The Ellis SWD is expected to add 10,000 barrels per day of capacity to Henry Hill’s existing system. This site will not accept truck traffic, however there are truck lanes open at the ND State 1-16 SWD which is also connected to the same gathering system.

With the addition of the Ellis SWD, Henry Hill Oil now owns and operates fourteen saltwater disposal sites in the Bakken. In the last 30 days, Henry Hill Oil disposed of more than 2,000,000 barrels of water. In the next 12 months, we expect to complete construction on 4 more saltwater disposal wells in the Bakken with a focus on adding downhole capacity to gathering systems in Williams and McKenzie counties.
Oil production steady in May, but transportation woes persist

By Bismark Tribune, Amy R Sisk

As oil and gas production continues to remain steady near record highs this summer in the Bakken, managing the respective transportation of this production can cause a bottleneck. Furthermore, capital projects to transport oil and gas often require planning, coordination, financing and construction which together can require lead times of six to eighteen months or longer depending on the complexity and scope of the project.
Production water is also a by-product of oil and gas production and requires much of the same forethought in terms of transportation. Some water cuts throughout the Bakken can be as high as 2.5 times the amount of oil for a given well during initial production. Produced water needs to be transported and disposed of at a saltwater disposal well. Henry Hill Oil specializes in designing, building and managing saltwater disposal wells through Williams and McKenzie Counties. Our customers come to us to plan and execute transportation and disposal for their wells so they can focus their energies on their core competency which is oil and gas production.

Bakken Midstream gains ND investment, eyes shale gas development
By Bakken Midstream | June 18, 2019

The oil and gas industry can be segmented into three essential pieces; upstream, midstream and downstream. Upstream is the first of the pieces in terms of chronological order. Upstream companies, also known as exploration and production companies, are responsible for finding and extracting oil and gas. Midstream companies then are responsible for processing, storing, and transporting of oil and gas as well as all byproducts such as produced water from the oil and gas wells to the downstream companies and the consumers. Downstream companies are closest to the consumer in the process in that these companies further process, refine and ultimately distribute oil and gas to the end consumer.

The Bakken has infrastructure to handle oil and produced water but lacks substantial infrastructure to handle natural gas. Currently oil and gas producers are not supposed to flare any more than 12% of natural gas, however last month North Dakota flared a little over 18%. An increase in infrastructure in the area would allow gas to be transported and processed more economically, which would help North Dakota reach its flaring goals as well provide economical advantageous in terms of employments and business opportunities.

Henry Hill Oil's integrated water services will address your saltwater disposal needs with the highest standards in safety and service.
Henry Hill’s water solutions are designed with you in mind. By combining unique design features in our Class II salt water disposal wells with efficient gathering systems and managing those systems with state of art SCADA software, Henry Hill Oil can reduce the cost of salt water disposal, reduce wear on well pads, and help position our partners to handle their salt water disposal needs for the foreseeable future.

Henry Hill Oil was founded in 2016 to provide North Dakota’s oil industry with a midstream partner that operates with the highest standards in safety and service.

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