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Gas plant slated for Williams County could ease flaring in northern North Dakota
Bismarck Tribune, Amy R. Sisk | Jan 8, 2020
Outrigger Energy II, a company based out of Denver, is planning to build a natural gas plant within Williams county. The proposed gas plant is expected to reduce the flaring within the northern part of the Bakken Oil field. The plant is projected to process up to 250 million cubic feet of gas per day, with the ability to expand to handle up to 450 million cubic feet. The company also is intending to build a 70-mile gathering pipeline that starts in Williams County on the eastern edge and finishing at the processing plant that is proposed to be located west of Williston. Outrigger Energy II has entered into an agreement with XTO Energy to use the transport gas circuit. The gas transportation pipeline will be positioned next to many other producers that can be added to the service in the future. Outrigger Energy II’s processing gas plant is the sixth plant that is in North Dakota. North Dakota State Pipeline Authority Director, Justin Kringstad stated that the future development of the new plant is “very encouraging” for decreasing the act of flaring within the Bakken Oil field. The Outrigger plant is planning to use the existing and developing Northern Border Pipeline to transport the process gas and materials. The overall goal of these plants and the development of more processing plants is to limit the flare gases, increase oil and gas production, and to keep products within the state of North Dakota.
The growth and development of gas processing plants and gas transportation pipelines increase the Bakken fields ability to produce oil and gas. Likewise, the growth and development of wastewater transportation and saltwater disposals also help boost production within the Bakken Oil field. Henry Hill Oil Services provides the most efficient and effective midstream solutions in order to promote growth of production in the Bakken. The midstream saltwater gathering systems and disposals that Henry Hill Oil designs, build and operates for its partners offer them the most cost-effective and efficient solution to their saltwater needs. Similar to the proposed Outrigger Energy II gas transportation pipeline, Henry Hill Oil Services are developing wastewater gathering pipeline systems that help support the production materials that are produced within the Bakken.  
New figures show North Dakota oil production held steady in November
Bismarck Tribune, Amy R. Sisk | Jan 17, 2020

Figures for the gas and oil production within North Dakota held steady from previous months according to the most recent study. The oil production dropped slightly compared to October. In October the Bakken produced 1.518 million barrels per day and in November the produced number is 1.515 million barrels per day. Gas production rose slightly between October and November with gas production toping at 3.134 billion cubic feet per day. The oil production is expected to remain steady throughout the next winter season within the Bakken said State Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms. Due to the winter weather and instances of the season, it is expected for operators to reduce activity and production. Helms predicts that there could be the reduction of production due to road restrictions and limitations. Within the month of November, the gas industry flared off 2% less compared to that of October. Helms believes that the numbers will drop significantly with the incorporation of the new Oneok’s natural gas liquids pipeline in December.

The wastewater gathering pipelines that are designed, built, and operated by Henry Hill Oil Services continue to provide producers a more cost effective and efficient method of transporting production byproducts.
Henry Hill Oil's integrated water services will address your saltwater disposal needs with the highest standards in safety and service.
Henry Hill’s water solutions are designed with you in mind. By combining unique design features in our Class II salt water disposal wells with efficient gathering systems and managing those systems with state of art SCADA software, Henry Hill Oil can reduce the cost of salt water disposal, reduce wear on well pads, and help position our partners to handle their salt water disposal needs for the foreseeable future.

Henry Hill Oil was founded in 2016 to provide North Dakota’s oil industry with a midstream partner that operates with the highest standards in safety and service.

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