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Federal Geologists work to Update Oil and Gas Estimate for Williston Basin

According to the article from the Bismarck Tribune, the estimates for recoverable oil in the Williston Basin and Three Fork formations have increased from 3.7 billion barrels in 2008 to 7.4 billion barrels in 2013. Continental Resources, a leading oil and gas producer in the region, has estimated the recoverable oil to be closer to 30 to 40 billion barrels. This new report from the USGS will help solidify where the true number is for the Williston Basin.

Weather blamed for 5% drop in North Dakota oil production

Every winter the frost comes in and the ground becomes hard and unworkable. Snow removal on well pads become regular maintenance and activity slows down. Even with a slow down in oil production due to colder temperatures and conditions, oil and gas activity is high. Exploration and production operators are preparing for a busy spring, summer and fall season. During the colder months, companies are planning their production and scheduling their drill rigs.
Henry Hill Oil's integrated water services will address your saltwater disposal needs with the highest standards in safety and service.
Henry Hill’s water solutions are designed with you in mind. By combining unique design features in our Class II salt water disposal wells with efficient gathering systems and managing those systems with state of art SCADA software, Henry Hill Oil can reduce the cost of salt water disposal, reduce wear on well pads, and help position our partners to handle their salt water disposal needs for the foreseeable future.

Henry Hill Oil was founded in 2016 to provide North Dakota’s oil industry with a midstream partner that operates with the highest standards in safety and service.

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