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Sand deposit could be “game-changer” for ND Oil Industry
By Grand Forks Herald, Ann Bailey | Oct 13, 2019
A unique variety of sand is needed during the process of hydraulic fracturing, “fracking,” that is used to produced oil and gas in the Bakken. Fracking is a method that injects water, sand and chemicals into underground and formations. The sand used to hold open the fracture in the rock so that the oil and gas can be extracted has to have certain qualities and characteristics.

A single well can require about 4,000 to 5,000 tons of sand. This type of sand usually must be trucked in from out of state, like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Recently, sand that could be used within fracking has been found within North Dakota. Two sites are in McHenry County and Mercer County. North Dakota Geological Survey geologist, Fred Anderson, said that this new sand could be a “game changer” for the state. Local sand could decrease the transportation cost of sand that could lead to greater margins for Bakken companies.

Henry Hill Oil Services also offer Bakken companies a proven way that they can reduce their cost when it comes to their saltwater system needs. Henry Hill Oil reduces the cost of saltwater disposal by alleviating the cost and instability of truck transport by incorporating cost-effective water gathering systems.

Saltwater gathering systems also decrease wear on well pads which directly decrease maintenance costs. Henry Hill Oil Service’s gathering systems are managed with our SCADA software that enables 24/7 supervision over wells and pipelines. This system allows decreased downtime of wells and pipelines, limited number of repairs, and an increased efficiency that leads to a more cost-effective saltwater disposal and transportation system.
Henry Hill Oil adds the Lundeen Saltwater Disposal in McKenzie County  

During the late summer of 2019, Henry Hill Oil crews worked diligently on a new saltwater disposal north of Watford City called the Lundeen 1 SWD. The Lundeen1 SWD is the fourth saltwater disposal for Henry Hill Oil in the area and adds nearly 18,000 barrels per day of disposal capacity the gathering system. As of late October, the Lundeen 1 SWD has been completed and is currently in operation. This site is connected to a gathering system that will use much of the disposal’s capacity in the short term and accepts truck traffic with two truck lanes to maximize disposal capacity in the long term.
With the addition of the Lundeen 1 SWD, Henry Hill Oil now owns and operates fourteen saltwater disposal sites in the Bakken. In the last 30 days, Henry Hill Oil disposed of more than 2,500,000 barrels of water. In the next 12 months, we expect to complete construction of more saltwater disposal wells and additional miles of pipeline within the Bakken with a focus on adding downhole capacity to gathering systems in Williams and McKenzie counties.   

Latest North Dakota oil and gas figures show record production
By Williston Herald, Amy Sisk | Oct 17, 2019

The Bakken isn’t slowing down from its record breaking numbers earlier this year. Recent numbers show that producers pumped out almost 1.48 million of barrels of oil per day in the month of the August. This number indicates a new daily production record for the state. North Dakota’s Mineral Resources Director, believes that the oil production could have increased to over 1.5 million barrels per day if more sites were able to capture the gas produced. Some facilities have been holding back their oil production due to the lack of pipelines that are able to handle the gas that is produced from the sites. New plants for gas processing are being planed and executed within the state of North Dakota. Helms states, “We’re starting to see those massive infrastructure investments make a difference.” Oil and gas production can keep on increasing in the Bakken if infrastructure is in place to facilitate the growth.

With the building out and incorporation of new infrastructure to handle gas production within the Bakken, the production of oil will increase. Saltwater production will rise in response to the higher production of oil and gas, which will lead to an increased need of transportation and disposal of saltwater. Henry Hill Oil Services provides crucial steps in the design, construction and operation of saltwater pipelines, gathering and disposal systems creating the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to this by-product of oil and gas production. With the creation of new disposals and the development of gathering systems between third party disposals, Henry Hill Oil Services is helping position the Bakken and its partners to handle their saltwater disposal needs.
Henry Hill Oil's integrated water services will address your saltwater disposal needs with the highest standards in safety and service.
Henry Hill’s water solutions are designed with you in mind. By combining unique design features in our Class II salt water disposal wells with efficient gathering systems and managing those systems with state of art SCADA software, Henry Hill Oil can reduce the cost of salt water disposal, reduce wear on well pads, and help position our partners to handle their salt water disposal needs for the foreseeable future.

Henry Hill Oil was founded in 2016 to provide North Dakota’s oil industry with a midstream partner that operates with the highest standards in safety and service.

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