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Spring Lunch & Learn April 19th
Please join us and register for our Spring Lunch & Learn. For more information, email Catherine.Freeland@hepb.org or register here .
Hepatitis B Continuing Education May 19th
Please join us for a continuing education event! There is limited seating, so please RSVP ASAP. For more information, email Catherine.Freeland@hepb.org or register here .
2018 Dragon Boat Regatta June 2nd
For more information, email Kristine.Alarcon@hepb.org or register here. Practices will take place on May 17, May 24, and May 31 from 5:30-7:00 PM. They will be located at the East Intersection of MLK Drive and Black Road.
#justB Postcards are Available
#justB postcards are now available! There are postcards for all the storytellers. For a list of all the storytellers and their experiences, please visit this website and you can find them on the left of the website. If you are interested in ordering any postcards, please contact Kristine Alarcon at kristine.alarcon@hepb.org .
#justB an Advocate
April's featured video   shares Binh's story. When Binh found out he has hepatitis B, his youth and good health led him to put off any follow-up. Several years later, Binh learned his viral load was very high and fortunately started treatment “not a moment too soon.” Binh’s experience highlights the need for more advocacy around hepatitis B testing and treatment and more education about the silent nature of the disease.
During 2018, we are highlighting a unique patient story each month. Our #justB Storytelling Campaign is a national effort to bring individuals affected by hepatitis B to share their stories to shed light on this serious disease, decrease stigma, discrimination, and promote the importance of testing and treatment for hepatitis B. If you want to host a screening of the videos, we can help! It is a great way to spread the word and engage your local communities! Email Catherine.Freeland@hepb.org .
View other videos and learn more about our campaign at www.hepb.org/justb .
Join the Hep B United Action Center
Become a Hep B Advocate! Join the Hep B United Action Center to get the latest updates and news about hep B policy issues, learn about upcoming advocacy events, and be notified of opportunities to take action and show your support for our  policy initiatives . You will also be provided with information, resources, and tools to help you communicate, educate, and engage your community.
HEP B UNITED PHILADELPHIA |  hepbunitedphiladelphia.org | connect@hepbunited.org