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November Newsletter 

Storytelling Project- Do you know any potential storytellers? 
Ongoing Recruitment

We recognize that engaging community members in speaking out about obstacles to hepatitis B screening, prevention, and care is essential to reducing stigma, encouraging screening, and improving services for those living with hepatitis B.
The Hepatitis B Foundation is committed to representing a diversity of people and perspectives with this project. We're looking for women and men 18 or older who are willing to attend a four-day digital storytelling workshop, share a unique, personal story as a short video, and become a champion in their local communities to publicly share the collection of stories.  We're seeking stories that can include:
  • living with HBV - successes, challenges, stigma/discrimination, hopes, fears 
  • being a family member of someone living with HBV 
  • adopting a child with HBV (choosing a child with HBV) 
  • mother-to-child HBV transmission 
  • HBV-related liver cancer and/or a liver transplant 
  • vaccine success in preventing HBV (perinatal, child/teen, or adult) 
  • how HBV has impacted families across generations 
  • HBV-related treatment success and/or experiences with clinical trials
To learn more about the project or if interested in signing up to participate in the digital
storytelling workshop, please visit the project  website and complete the storyteller information packet

Additional information can be found from our webinar
Please feel free to contact Kate Moraras at with any questions. 


Join Hep B United Philadelphia  at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival for the  showing of  B About It,  Nov. 20th at 4:45PM.

For more information check out the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival webpage  

Recap of October Events

Saturday, October 8th, 2016,  Hep B United Philadelphia  provided hepatitis B screening at the fourth annual  Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia's (CAGP) Health Fair.  A total of 26 medical students came from Asian Pacific Medical Student Associations (APAMSA) from Drexel College of Medicine and Thomas Jefferson University to assist with this event by providing BMI, blood glucose, vision, and assisting with the hepatitis B screening.  Other organizations represented came to provide flu shots for the community.  Hep B United Philadelphia, along with the medical students' assistance was able to provide just under 30 screenings. All community members screened were from the surrounding Cambodian community. Hep B United Philadelphia would like to thank CAGP for hosting a great event and all the volunteers and organizations in attendance. 

Hep B United Philadelphia on Tuesday, October 25th partnered with Hep B United, CDC's Division of Viral Hepatitis, and NASTAD (National Alliance of State and Territorial Aids Directors) to host a live twitter chat to bring awareness to Liver Cancer Awareness Month.  Here is a link to the twitter feed in case you missed it!

Free Library Pre-Screening for Hepatitis B  took place on October 28th and was the first event at the Free Library central location.  Hep B United Philly partnered with Philadelphia FIGHT to provided education and information to individuals within the Free Library about hepatitis B and C.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, November 6 th
Saigon Maxim 600 Washington Ave. Philadelphia, PA
Health Information and hepatitis B education. 

Sunday, November 13th
St. Helena Church, 6161 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Screening, health information, and hepatitis B education

Special thanks to the sponsor of the above events,
Vietnamese United for Health (VUH)!

Upcoming Webinars with Hep B United 
Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 3:00pm EST (12:00pm PCT)
Webinar title: Part II- Clinical Trials, Why Clinical Trials for Hepatitis B Therapies Are So Important 
Join this engaging 2-part webinar series to learn from leading experts about drugs in development and strategies to motivate individuals with HBV and their providers to participate in clinical trials.
Visit   or  for more information on this webinar series

Expert Speakers:
      Robert G. Gish, MD
       Medical Director
       Hepatitis B Foundation
       (Adjunct) Professor of Clinical Medicine,
       University of Nevada Las Vegas

       Moon S. Chen, Jr., MPH, PhD
       Associate Director, Population Research 
       and Cancer Disparities,  UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
       Professor in Residence/Professor

       To register,  click here

Hep B United Philadelphia| @HepBUnitedPhila |