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April 2020
Operations and research continue despite pandemic
We continue to serve people living with hepatitis B, their families and health care providers despite the coronoavirus pandemic. Those services are operating thanks to the dedication of our staff, who are working from home. A message from Foundation President Dr. Timothy Block is posted here .

Scientists with our research arm, the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute, are working both onsite and from home, as state and federal guidelines allow life sciences research. They are, of course, using COVID-19 safety measures. And, while hepatitis B and liver cancer are the focus of their research, some also are engaged in work on COVID-19. You can read more here .

Our major annual fundraiser, The 2020 Crystal Ball Gala , still will be held on April 24, but it's going to be online. Please, see below for more information.

We continually update our page on COVID-19 and hepatitis B with special information for people living with hepatitis B, their families and health care providers. The link is below.
2020 Crystal Ball Gala set for April 24 now online event
We have changed the 2020 Crystal Ball Gala from a traditional event to our first “Pajama Gala!”
This live, virtual event will feature a fantastic online auction; you can preview the items here .

Never attended a Gala before? Now's your chance! You are able to register for free on the special Gala website .

We will present the prestigious Baruch S. Blumberg Award to
John M. Taylor, Ph.D. ,  in recognition of his outstanding contributions to hepatitis B and hepatitis D research. The Community Commitment Award will be presented to  Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, Esq. , for her outstanding work at the U.S. Department of Justice litigating cases of discrimination against people living with hepatitis B.

You can support our Gala  by participating in the auction, buying an ad in the program book, or making an  online donation . Contact  if you have questions.
April is Donate Life Month in the United States
Primarily known as a time to acknowledge those who have saved the lives of others by donating an organ, Donate Life Month also is a chance to highlight the incredible journeys of those who have required organ transplants.

Two years ago, Peter V. had a seven-hour emergency liver transplant after a chronic hepatitis B infection led to rapid liver failure.

Peter sat down with us and shared an in-depth look into why he needed a liver transplant and how it changed his life.  Please read more here .
Reminder: survey of people living with hepatitis B
The Hepatitis B Foundation has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to host an externally led Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting on June 9 (now online, please see the item below) that will focus on chronic hepatitis B. To prepare for this meeting, we need people living with chronic hepatitis B to complete an online survey, so we can learn more about your perspectives on living with the disease and current treatments.

Your responses will help inform policy makers and the pharmaceutical industry about what patients are looking for in new potential medications, to direct the FDA and the industry towards patients’ preferences.

All responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. The information we share with the FDA will only be a summary. If you are wish to share your experience living with chronic hepatitis B and have your voice heard, please click here to participate in the 20-25 minute survey. If you have questions, please send an email to i and one of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.
HBF to host patient-focused drug development
meeting on HBV June 9 online
The Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to have been approved by the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration  to host a public meeting focused on chronic hepatitis B as part of the FDA’s externally led  Patient-Focused Drug Development program . This online meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. It's set for 12:30-4:30 p.m. EDT and will be broadcast live, so that people worldwide can listen and share their thoughts remotely. Details will be posted on our website soon and in next month's B News . Please r ead more here .
Peter's story: #justB optimistic!
After being on medication for hepatitis B for more than a decade, Peter’s GI doctor told him that his reduced viral load meant he could stop taking his medication. Just a year and a half later, Peter was in the hospital awaiting a liver transplant. You can read more here .

Our #justB campaign is highlighting stories each month of someone affected by hepatitis B. View other videos and learn more about our campaign at
Ask a Health Educator: How can I get involved in
efforts to eliminate hepatitis B?
How Can I Get Involved in Efforts to Eliminate Hepatitis B? We need to increase awareness and knowledge, and improve access to testing, care and treatment for millions of people worldwide. There is lots to do, and there is a role for everyone! One simple way is to help raise awareness and destigmatize hepatitis B. You can use social media to like and share posts by groups like the  Hepatitis B Foundation  and  World Hepatitis Alliance . You can also use the many free online resources, like  #justB videos  and  fact sheets , to educate people in your community. There is strength in numbers–so consider joining a global awareness and advocacy campaign, such as the  #NOhep campaign –or join our  advocacy network  if you are in the United State. You can learn more by reading a recent  HBF blog post  on this topic. And welcome to the movement to eliminate hepatitis B!
Are you a provider for hepatitis B patients?
For more information on the work of Hepatitis Delta Connect, please visit , follow its  Facebook Twitter and  Instagram pages, or email
Hepatitis B Foundation Journal Pick of the Month
J. Kulsuptrakul, R. Wang, N.L. Meyers, M. Ott, A. Puschnik  bioRxiv , 2019 -
Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is a single-stranded, positive-sense RNA virus and a hepatotropic member of the Picornaviridae. Despite successes in vaccine development, HAV remains a common cause of enterically transmitted hepatitis globally, responsible for epidemics in developing and developed countries with symptoms ranging from mild inflammation and jaundice to acute liver failure... our study revealed novel cellular pathways, specifically important for HAV translation, and provided a new strategy for host-directed therapy of severe HAV infection. The article is posted here.
Hepatitis B Foundation Crystal Ball ... April 24
Now an online event!

U.S. National Hepatitis Testing Day ... May 19

FDA Patient Input Meeting ... June 9
International, online

ISVHLD Global Hepatitis Summit ... June 18-21
Taipei, Taiwan

World Hepatitis Day ... July 28

EASL: The International Liver Congress ... Aug. 25-28
London, UK
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