Herb Planning for 2014
Crop Talk: March 10, 2014
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Herbs Start an Herb Garden of Your Own.   


Not only do we offer fruits & vegetables with our CSA, but we also send several herbs that you can plant in your own garden or leave on your windowsill. We plan to send one each week in June & July.  


This year's list includes Chives, Parsley & Thyme, Dill, Mint & Cilantro.  Since Basil is a favorite, we grow a several varieties that are included a few times throughout the season. 


We also have herbs growing in the farm herb garden such as sage and chive blossoms for CSA member U-Pick bonuses.  We look forward to not only providing produce this season but also fresh herbs to enhance their flavor.  Let us know which ones are your favorites or if you have suggestions for herbs we should grow.

Please Welcome Wine'ing Butcher in Ashburn! 
Wine'ing Butcher
New Group Site! Save $100 off CSA Home Delivery

We are excited to announce a new Ashburn Group Site! The Wine'ing Butcher offers a full service meat and seafood market along with a selection of essential produce, a Boar's Head deli, bakery, and a complimentary selection of sophisticated (select) wines and artisan cheeses. If you would like to switch to this location simply reply to this email and we will update your account.
Address:20915 Ashburn Rd., Ashburn, VA 20147
Delivery Day: Tuesdays until 7pm
Visit their website at http://www.thewineingbutcher.com
Easter Egg Hunt & Marshmallow Harvest
Easter Egg HuntApril 5th & 6th Opening Weekend
CSA & Fan Member Admission Included with Membership
General Admission: $10/child $12/adult

Buy NowOrder Advanced Guest Tickets ~ Save $2/adult  
After a long cold winter, nothing chases away the chill like a visit to the farm! Join us for the first "crop" of the spring-- Marshmallow Picking!! Do marshmallow peeps grow on trees? Be sure to check it out and harvest a few to roast on the bonfire with Farmer Bob.  The Easter Bunny also hid some eggs and we need you to help us find them! There will be multiple egg hunts each day this year with over 18,000 eggs filled with treats. Thanks to Northern Virginia Magazine, each child will receive a u-pick bucket to collect eggs and use all season for pick your own fun on the farm!
Be sure to vote in the Northern Virginia Magazine 2014 Best of Northern VA Poll and share some love for your favorite winery, kids party place and lots more.
 Produce Highlight: Herbs
Grow, Cook & Store Flavor Drying Herbs
Cooking Facts: 

Basil: Sweet clove-like flavor, pungent 

Chives: Onion or garlic flavor

Cilantro: Pungent, soapy fragrance

Dill: Pungent, tangy 

Mint: Strong, sweet, cool 

Parsley: Slightly Peppery 

Thyme: Pungent minty, light-lemon aroma, tea-like 


 Growing News: Growing your herbs in an indoor garden is just as good as growing in an outdoor garden. Having the herbs close to your kitchen allows easier cooking access when you need fresh herbs, as well as protects them from bad weather. Most herbs need full sun so finding a place in your kitchen windowsill is best to nurture these little plants. Check out grow-herbs.net for specific growing tricks for each herb.


Storage Ideas: The best time to preserve herbs is right before they start to flower or during their "bursting bud stage." Gather herbs in the early morning after the dew has evaporated. Rinse the herbs and shake off extra water. Discard any bruised or wilted leaves and hang the rest to dry. Tender leaf herbs such as basil & mint need to dry faster before mold sets in so we recommend using a dehydrator for 1-4 hours depending on the moisture level of the herbs. They are ready when the leaves crumble and the stems break when bent.  

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Basil Guacamole
Recipe from NOVA Medical Group Basil Guacamole

Serve as a spread on Mexican dishes  such as quesadillas or with chips. Only 60 calories per serving. 

Mix Ingredients Together: Serves 4
1 Avocado (mashed)
1/2 Orange (juiced)
1/4tbsp Salt
Black Pepper to taste
2 Tbsp Fresh Basil (chopped)

Reserve Baby Chick's for Easter!
Here a peep there a peep, take some home to share a peep!

Learn first-hand the fun of raising spring chicks as a Spring Break and Easter project! Raising baby peeps is a really awesome experience for both little people and big people. If you're not allowed to keep them, NO WORRIES! We can take your peeps back and give them a good home after they are all grown up.  for more details and to order your chicks today. 

Supplies are limited!

Farm News
Upcoming Events
Order Baby Chicks as an Easter Activity

April 5th & 6th
Opening Day: Egg Hunt & Marshmallow Harvest

April 6th
951 Hill Run at Bluemont Vineyard

2014 Kids Bucket List Video Contest!
Kids TrailTurn in by April 4th and you could win great prizes!

Think about the best kid activity experience you have had and why other kids enjoying the Shenandoah Valley Blue Ridge Mountains should also have this experience. Make a Video and turn it in to the Kids Trail Contest! Have any videos of Great Country Farms from last year? If not, make sure to take some this year so you can create a video with us for next year!
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Learn How Your Business can Earn Points for Loudoun's Healthy Business Challenge!
The Healthy Business Challenge was created to recognize and honor businesses that have implemented innovative programs and policies to promote the wellness and productivity of their employees. Click Here to learn more about the challenge.

You can earn 3 points by having your business host a CSA group site! Contact us today to learn more about it.
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