Back in Bristol!

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bonner dry dock.jpg

Bonner on dry dock in January at the start of the project

pieces on deck.jpg

Exhaust, cooler and bilge piping was also replaced

old engines.jpg

Old engines

empty engine room.jpg

Empty engine room

placing new eng.jpg

New engines being put into place


New generators 

new dash.jpg

Updated dash and controls


New, larger propellers


In the travel lift, ready for launch

View of the bow with fresh paint


Replacing the lettering

 We hope everyone can share with us our excitement about the results from the project conducted over the last 17 weeks. This project has resulted in numerous improvements to our main vessel to increase its suitability to the Prudence Island community. Including:

  • Reduced carbon emissions and lowered negative impacts on the environment
  • Quieter ride across the bay with significantly less exposure to exhaust fumes for passengers
  • Improved fuel efficiency 
  • Increased handling & maneuverability 

We want thank everyone in the community for their patience over the last couple months while we ran the Prudence Ferry longer into the spring season. We are thankful to have a reliable backup vessel in the Prudence Ferry, particularly through the days of heavy wind this winter & spring.

PF stern.jpeg

Photo credits to PJ, Dan & Ethan