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March 2016
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Premieres and Festivals and S creenings, Oh My!

Some of the excellent films we have worked on recently will be making the rounds on the festival circuit this spring, and we (unbiasedly) wanted to tell you all about them! From the East Coast to the West Coast, here's some of the screenings coming up! 

Baltimore Premiere & Screening
Creative Alliance: 3/31 @ 7:30PM
Stevenson University: 4/5 @ 7PM

Annapolis Film Festival
Saturday, April 2nd at 3:30pm
St. John's College FSK Auditorium

Atlanta Film Festival

Sunday, April 3rd at 7:00pm
Buckhead Theater

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LA Cinefest
The Best Shorts Competition

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Well, actually, just Zack. StUn was asked to be interviewed for the Zach & Zack Podcast so we spend a few hours on Friday chatting with Zack. StUn founder and Audio Post Director, Kevin Hill, said  "It was great to talk about what we can do for filmmakers in a very candid, laid back way. It makes it easier for filmmakers to see how the insides of the post production sound world works, and get a better understanding of where they can take things with their film. Plus Zach was fun to hang out with!" .  What is the Zach & Zack Podcast? " Filmmakers Zach Griffin and Zack Gross take a look inside the indie film scene by interviewing the people who make it. They talk to directors, writers, performers, and producers of independent film in DC and the nation." They have interviews with all kinds of indie filmmakers on all kinds of topics... 76 to be exact. So far. 

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It was headlined as 'The most bizarre movie set story ever' which, of course, got our attention immediately... and it should get yours too. A story about what it's like to work for legendary director Terence Malick on the set of his new film, KNIGHT OF CUPS. If you know Malick, you know how elusive he is, his style is, his genius is... trust us, you won't be disappointed.
"11 hours of shooting for 1 minute of screen time"

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